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Home to more than just famous classical composers, Austria features stunning architecture, world-class winter sports and mouth-watering cuisine. Let Black Tomato show you the best of Austria.


Europe’s little secret, Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is a treasure trove of idyllic beach coves, sensational seafood restaurants, and the chicest party spots. Cruising the bright blue waters, you’ll wonder how there is actually a heaven so close to home.


Home to ancient monuments and a fusion of cultures, Cyprus, or the island of Aphrodite as she is more affectionately known, has a special side waiting to be unearthed. Think deep blue skies, blissfully indulgent sea-side boltholes and a rugged coastline ripe for exploration.

Czech Republic

A picturesque country in the heart of continental Europe, the Czech Republic is adorned with striking architectural beauty and historical wonder which, undercut by a modern edge, will leave you yearning to return time after time.

Copenhagen, Denmark Black Tomato


Culturally rich and effortlessly hip - Denmark is a fascinating country that begs to be explored. For foodies Copenhagen is the new culinary mecca with a host of innovative and world-renowned restaurants to choose from.

Bluebell woods in Oxford, England


Wine and dine like the aristocracy of old, shop till you drop in London’s glossy boutiques or hook yourself a trout supper in the rolling green of the countryside. From breweries to castles, city bustle to countryside bliss, discover the best of Royal England…

Snowy trees in Finnish Lapland


Whether you’re in pursuit of the Northern Lights and a snowy adventure or have always fancied a quintessential Scandinavian summer by the lake, Finland will provide you with all you want and so much more.


France is just a skip across the channel but its gastronomy and gorgeous lifestyle make you feel a whole world away from home. The French are experts in the art of the fine life – flaunting fine food, fine wine, fine weather and fine views. But we promise you, your stay here will be far more than fine.


Germany is home to a fascinating blend of medieval wonders and modern innovation. From the Alpine peaks, to the Black Forest, it is one of the most picturesque and charming countries in Europe and the perfect destination for an exclsuive journey.

Sunset in Oia, Santorini | Black Tomato


Historic wisdom, unbelievable architecture, divine islands, azure seas, speckled white hills, charming fishing villages, traditional markets, seaside cafes and taverns, long dinners, carafes of wines, buzzing nightlife…Greece still showcases the best of civilisation.


Retreat to true wilderness in far-flung Greenland, where you can go for miles without seeing another soul. Explore rugged landscapes with vast fields of sea ice and towering icebergs and track polar bears across deserted tundra.


A treasure trove of cultural riches, wander amongst Budapest's art nouveau bathhouses, Bereg's medieval townhouses and Aquincum's Roman ruins and discover all that Hungary has to offer.


Bubbling, whirring, steaming below the surface, Iceland is a landscape of exploding geysers, bubbling lava, sensual hot pools and thundering waterfalls. Dip in and discover an island that is as phenomenal as it is fiery.


With an abundance of lyrical charm- Ireland is a small country with a big reputation that begs to be explored. From ancient landscapes to bustling cities, it’s the friendly fascinating people you’re sure to remember.


The boot that fits, Italy has enough brilliance to satisfy every whim; historic culture, renaissance cities, an unforgettable coastline, and of course, a cuisine so famous even Sofia Loren is overshadowed. In Italy, find what you love…

Curonian Spit, Lithuania


It’s not just Lithuania’s aesthetics that has us hooked; it’s a country that also lays claim to a colourful history that lends itself to a vibrant cultural and rebellious spirit. All of this on top of a thriving artistic scene, it’s no surprise that Lithuania firmly takes its place as one of Europe’s most exquisitely intriguing destinations.


Montenegro is one of the lesser known jewels of Europe. It has an eclectic landscape of rugged mountains, cliffs, mystical forests and timeless beaches. Get in quick, before the rest of the world finds out about this treasure.


A land of colour, culture and contrast, The Netherlands never fails to surprise and delight even the most seasoned travellers. From quaint windmills and rolling tulip fields to striking architecture and buzzing nightlife, it makes for one stylish getaway.


Explore nature in its purest form in beautiful Norway, which lays on the western edge of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Offering thousands of years of history and dramatic Fjord lands, Norway boasts an ideal balance between the culturally enriching and thrilling adventure.


Portugal is fast emerging as the perfect cultural and luxurious destination for your next European holiday. With stunningly diverse landscapes, bountiful vineyards and chic cities it's a destination to add to your bucket list.


Charming isles, rolling hills and open skies; Scotland sums up the Great British outdoors. From hiking the highlands, swimming the lochs or sailing the isles, this is a place to feel at one with nature before retreating to charming cities, hidden game lodges and mighty castles for a touch of indulgence.

Lake Bled sparkles at sunrise


Slovenia is a destination of real magic. Home to historic castles, picturesque alpine landscapes and some of Europe's best food and wine offerings; this is a place perfect for adventurers, foodies, history buffs and luxury lovers alike.


Three words: sunshine, siestas and sangria. There’s no mystery as to why Spain is such a well-loved country. With a few aqua blue seas, miles of white sand and bucket loads of character and flavour, it is holiday heaven.

Frozen lake in Sweden | Black Tomato


Stunning, sophisticated and brimming with character, Sweden is sure to keep you entertained and inspired. From the beautiful, crisp countryside to the bustling cities, get set to explore this Scandinavian wonder.

Swiss Alps


A year-round destination whose alpine landscapes and cultured urban centres offer a unique variety of experiences; Switzerland is truly a magical country. Ski the vast slopes in winter, hike amongst wildflowers come summer, and enjoy the forward-thinking delights that await in Zurich, 365 days a year...

Hot air balloons over Cappadocia , Turkey


Where east meets west, where history meets modernity, where dramatic architecture and archaeology meet natural wonders, there is something for everyone in Turkey. From ancient monuments to wind surfing, from delicious cuisine to traditional hammams, you can be beachy, active, cultural and learned all in one place.

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