Come for the landscapes, stay for the cities and return for a combination of both. A luxury holiday in Austria offers a melting pot of beauty and culture that always catches us off-guard. Clad in cobbles, fringed with architectural brilliance and dearly holding onto tradition, Vienna adds panache to everything it touches. Beyond the capital, natural beauty takes centre stage doing enough to make you emigrate.


Beckoned by the glittering waters of the Adriatic and the charming islands dotted amid its waters, a tailormade holiday to Croatia has become our go-to when it comes to a dose of sunshine away from the crowds. But it’s not all about balmy summers and Northern Croatia has a very different story to tell; one packed full of breathtaking landscapes that run from jagged peaks into rolling hills to invite adventure.


An island of ancient wonder encompassing a kaleidoscope of cultures that stretches from the mystique of the Middle East through the vibrancy of Northern Africa and onto the history of Europe, a luxury holiday in Cyprus is anything but ordinary. Holed up in Aphrodite’s playground, find yourself cycling through lost hillsides one moment before dipping your toes into soothing Mediterranean waters the next.

Czech Republic

An enchanting land that will transport you back half a millennia; the Czech Republic will open the eyes of even the most culturally curious. Cities unmissable in their juxtaposition of Gothic splendour with urban buzz, countrysides where turrets appear over every hillside, folk culture thrives and microbreweries churn out world-class ales; a luxury holiday in the Czech Republic brings true European classicism.

Copenhagen, Denmark Black Tomato


For us, a luxury holiday in Denmark is not just about innovative culinary creations, fairytale countrysides or charming city harbours; it is about the art of being Danish. Whether it’s their reputation as the happiest people on the planet or the irresistible social nirvana that is ‘hygge’, the Danes have a knack for the friendly and the welcoming. Embrace it all and join us in falling head over heels for Denmark.

Bluebell woods in Oxford, England


From quaint cottage hideaways in the Cotswolds to impressive monuments in London and seaside getaways in East Anglia, a luxury vacation in England is about as quintessential as it comes. We may be biased, but there is an inescapable sense of pride to be found on these shores. A place where we have built up quite the little black book over the years, let us show you our England.

Snowy trees in Finnish Lapland


Of all the stunning natural beauty and cosmopolitan charm of Scandinavia, we’ve always felt a certain pull from Finland. We can’t call it undiscovered – but it does have that air to it, as you head into quiet wildernesses and stroll through storybook towns that few seem to know about. A luxury holiday in Finland is born out of an unobtrusive, modest nature that we can’t seem to get enough of.


Pervading a timeless sense of je ne sais quoi, a luxury holiday in France will unveil the art of fine living in a place where everything is done with a casual elegance that we can’t help but strive to bring to our own lives. Be it city or countryside, haute cuisine or local fare, grand chateaux or coastal villas, France does it all with effortless flair.


It was the seemingly imposing landscapes of the Caucasus that first drew us in to discover the oft-forgotten beauty of a luxury holiday in Georgia. But it’s what we found within them that kept us coming back for more. The history, culture and cuisine are all so incredibly rich, yet remain staggeringly unknown. Then there are the people with the warmest welcome you could ever hope to receive.


Brimming with medieval wonder and modern innovation, Germany never fails to surprise us each time we visit. Twisting and turning through history, Alpine peaks and hip modern streets; the culture here is rich and the landscapes breathtaking, making a luxury holiday in Germany the perfect escape for any occasion. So, take it all in a country that so effortlessly blends the cutting-edge with timeless classics.

Sunset in Oia, Santorini | Black Tomato


Historic wisdom, unbelievable architecture, divine islands, azure seas, speckled white hills, charming fishing villages, traditional markets, seaside cafes and taverns, long dinners, carafes of wines, buzzing nightlife…Greece still showcases the best of civilisation.


Greenland really is one of the world’s last remaining frontiers; a playground of intrepid explorers where, in the heart of a true wilderness, you can go for miles without seeing another soul. A journey as much as a destination, a tailormade holiday in Greenland opens up to Arctic splendour from the viewpoint of snow-shoes, snowmobiles and cross-country skis on an adventure you won’t soon forget.



There simply aren’t enough superlatives to describe a private tour in Iceland. It is a place of such jaw-dropping scenery that only seeing it with your own eyes can do it justice. A place where the backdrop comes into the foreground to take centre stage, a luxury tour or  perhaps honeymoon through Iceland will see you hike over glaciers, dine in volcano chambers and snorkel between tectonic plates. Exhilarating, breathtaking and utterly unique; Iceland is one for the ages.


Renowned as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is a myth we have spent years untangling. A myth that dances up from rugged hilltop heathers, blowing across the Wild Atlantic Coast to blanket unique landscapes and vibrant city streets; it wraps its way around your soul, all at once giving you a casual sense of freedom that will sweep you off your feet. A tailormade holiday to Ireland invites the adventurous and the curious.


“Over the years, we’ve celebrated in Puglia, fallen in love in Tuscany and spent summers discovering hidden wonders in the Aeolian Islands. Now, our fascination with all things Italian has given us unrivalled expertise to craft tailor-made holidays to Italy that, like the fine wines of Chianti, just keep on getting better and better. So, fall in love with la dolce vita and discover why we just can’t stay away.”


Nowadays, it’s not often that you stumble across a destination that many have yet to explore; but just one step into Lithuania and we were hooked. Brimming with natural beauty, it’s a country that also lays claim to a colourful history that lends itself to a vibrant cultural and rebellious spirit. A place to skip the crowds and get ahead of the curve, a tailormade holiday in Lithuania is not to be missed.


On a serene stretch of the Mediterranean, Montenegro has an almost ethereal feel about it. A tranquil alternative to neighbouring Croatia and Italy, spend some time embracing the simplicity of being. A luxury holiday in Montenegro is all about living life on the road less travelled, as you wander wide open spaces to see a place through the eyes of a local and escape the ordinary for a week or two.


A land of colour, culture and contrast, The Netherlands never fails to surprise and delight even the most seasoned travellers. From quaint windmills and rolling tulip fields to striking architecture and buzzing nightlife, a luxury holiday in the Netherlands is one stylish getaway. You could travel this country for years and still discover new and innovative offerings; it’s just one of the reasons we keep coming back for more.


A country packed full of jaw-dropping landscapes and cities oozing a contemporary charm, adventure travel in Norway was designed for luxury getaways. To us, Norway is about these contrasts; the cosmopolitan days and the primal nights, the stripped-back and the luxurious. It’s a beauty so all-encompassing that it wraps itself around you, so take some time in Norway to simply stop, to breathe and to reset.


Sitting snugly in the crook between Spain and the warm tides of the Atlantic, Portugal has all the vibrancy of its neighbour to the east, but with fewer crowds and a number of added hidden gems. Exuding a quiet confidence, a luxury holiday in Portugal lifts the lid on centuries worth of history and accompanies it with a side of delicious simplicity and beautiful scenery.


Sprawled across eleven time zones, there’s little Russia can’t offer in a luxury holiday. Jewel-box cities run into barren wilderness and unforgiving tundra to reveal a realm of adventures waiting to be had. This is a place where you can both step back in time and peer into the future as you uncover the secrets of the Russian Empire in Moscow before retreating to the imperial splendour of St. Petersburg. Home to our eponymous black tomato and so much more, this is a destination that leaves an indelible mark.


Charming isles, rolling hills and open skies – Scotland offers up the greatest of the Great British outdoors. As Felix Happer put it in 1983’s Local Hero, ‘That’s a whole lot of scenery.’ Lochs, fringed by great green mountains, cultured cities, Irn Bru, game lodges and mighty castles really back that up.

Lake Bled sparkles at sunrise


Home to historic castles and picturesque alpine landscapes; there’s an undeniable allure to Slovenia that will draw in adventurers, historians and connoisseurs alike. Whilst many will stroll Ljubljana and sail Lake Bled, what we find so entrancing about a tailormade holiday in Slovenia is the younger side of this country that’s muscling its way through to find a place on the world stage through innovative cuisine and a laidback outlook.


There are so many things to love about Spain. Most will cite its world-famous cuisine, filled with tapas trails and Michelin stars – others, its culture and its art. For us, though, luxury travel in Spain is not just about seeing the works of Gaudí or walking the shores of the Islas Baleares, it’s also about the connection we feel with the place and with its people; it is about discovering what it truly means to be Spanish.

Frozen lake in Sweden | Black Tomato


With an undeniable sense of style and sophistication, a getaway to Sweden is an offer we can never seem to refuse. A place where innovative cultural hubs run into a wild countryside; a luxury holiday in Sweden is one for the ages and one for the seasons. A place where we are equally at home in the city or out in the country, Sweden is made up of moments to breathe, to appreciate and to reset.

Swiss Alps


Nestled at the heart of Europe and taking all of the best aspects of its contemporaries, a luxury holiday in Switzerland is everything you want it to be. Home to the alpine cradle of adventure, adrenaline often reigns supreme, whether you’re off-piste on a crisp winter morning or trailblazing in the summer heat. Whilst for a softer side, enchanting heritage and cosmopolitan living are never far away.

Hot air balloons over Cappadocia , Turkey


A place where east meets west, history meets modernity and dramatic architecture meets natural wonder; Turkey is a veritable crossroads of cultures. The birthplace of turquoise waters, step onto pristine shores to gaze up at skies dotted with hot air balloons as they drift over steaming thermal springs and cities laced with exotic spices and modern attitudes. It’s true, a luxury holiday in Turkey unveils whole new worlds.

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