Bigger may not always mean better – but it certainly means more chance for exploration and in Argentina, that can only be a good thing. Tackle crashing waterfalls and world-class wineries in the north, jagged ice caps and glacial hikes in the south – or embark on a tailormade holiday to Argentina and explore the best of both worlds. No matter how you see it, you’re guaranteed to leave wanting more.

Belize holidays


Perched neatly upon the eastern edge of Central America and boasting a paradisiacal coastline set against the crystal clear Caribbean Sea, Belize combines heritage and beauty in one irresistible package. On a luxury holiday in Belize, twin luxury with the intrepid as you come face to face with ocelots and pumas one day and channel your inner eco-warrior in luxury jungle lodges and exclusive private isles the next.

Salt Flats in Bolivia Black Tomato


Nowhere appeals to our adventurous spirit quite like Bolivia. Home to a sky-high capital city and landscapes that look more at home on the surface of the moon than on earth; a visit here always gets our heart pounding. Experience the sheer wonder of it all on a tailormade holiday to Bolivia and dive head first on into a cultural diversity so vibrant it will make your head spin.

Views over Rio, Brazi


A sprawling country thick with the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest and lapped by the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean, tailormade travel to Brazil commands attention and beckons exploration. So, unfurl a map and join us on a journey full of passion and soul, deep into the heart of the Rio Negro, to the top of Ibitipoca, through the Lençóis Maranhenses, before coming to rest amid the sleepy charm of Trancoso.


From the mysteries of Easter Island to the glacial highs of Torres del Paine, Chile is a country of magnificent contrasts. This is a place for the grand, the adventurous and the once in a lifetime – not to mention the cultural, the sophisticated and the gastronomic. Whether it’s trekking through the isolation of Aysen or drinking world-class wines en route to Valparaiso, a private tour in Chile never fails to take our breath away.

Cartagena streets Colombia, Black Tomato


Seductive and captivating; Colombia has got hold of our hearts and as it gradually opens its doors, it’s poised to capture yours too. Set against a spectacular Andean backdrop, a tailormade holiday in Colombia plays out to days spent leaving footprints in the sand, combing through virgin rainforests or saddling up in highlands scented with the rich aroma scent of coffee plantations.

Costa Rica's Pacific Coast Black Tomato

Costa Rica

Whilst it may be bordered by gorgeous beaches, we love Costa Rica for the adventure playground it lays before us. It’s the times when we have surrendered ourselves to this wild environment that we have felt most alive, as we’ve ziplined over volcanoes and peered into the lives of ancient tribes. A place to push yourself, a tailormade holiday in Costa Rica makes for an unmissable adventure.

Sea Lions in the Galapagos Islands

Ecuador & the Galapagos

In our quest to travel further, see more and understand more deeply, Ecuador and the Galapagos has been an unmissable stamp in our passport. A place where geology and history collide, on a tailormade holiday to Ecuador and the Galapagos, discover a love for travel and discovery unlike anywhere else on the planet. From evolution to colonialism, this is a place that cannot be missed.


Despite deep cultural heritage, stunning landscapes and an adventurous appetite, Guatemala remains a relative secret to the outside world. So, whether camping beneath the stars in remote Mayan temples, paddling in isolation across Lake Atitlan or sharing a cup of freshly-brewed coffee with the locals, a tailormade holiday in Guatemala offers unique insight into a destination few others know anything about.


With a swaying rhythm rising up from sacred cenotes and carried into architectural wonders new and old; we cannot help but find our feet carrying us back to Mexico time and again. Now, we no longer stop at visiting Chichen Itza at sunrise, but dig a little deeper to uncover what it is that makes Mexico tick. Join us on a luxury holiday in Mexico and find out for yourself the secret of the Central American spell.

Toucan Nicaragua Black Tomato


Nicaragua is where we turn whenever we need to indulge our adventurous side – for where else in the world can you ashboard down the slope of an active volcano? But a tailormade holiday in Nicaragua isn’t all about the adventure. Wind your way through colonial city streets and meander up mangroves that sing with vibrant birdsong to hideaway on private islands reminiscent of the Caribbean of days gone by.


Bridging the gap between North and South America, Panama represents a unique melting pot of cultures where you can find sun-drenched archipelagos, highlands carpeted in rainforests that teem with unique wildlife and fascinating indigenous heritage. A place that pays testament to ingenuity, a tailormade holiday in Panama will open the eyes onto a whole new world.

Cuzco Peru Black Tomato


From mountains high to valleys low, Peru nestles urban hotspots next to ancient civilisations. A mysterious and romantic destination where people visit for the landscapes and fall in love with the culture.


A long-time favourite of well-heeled Latinos, a tailormade holiday in Uruguay offers an authentic perspective on Latin America. Head down to this quiet corner of the continent and take in a cutting-edge arts scene that sits side by side with generations-old estancias and sleepy coastal towns that hide some of the continents most stunning beaches. A host of new experiences awaits here.

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