How it all works


Step 1

This website is a mood board; a place for travel ideas and inspiration to take hold. You can browse the old-fashioned way with our A – Z of destinations, whereas our Trip Finder tool is for those who favour the unknown.

Step 2

Nothing you see here is set in stone. When you get in touch, we use each itinerary as a springboard rather than an instruction manual. Your trip will be exactingly tailored to suit you and the people you’re travelling with.

Step 3

If you have an idea that isn’t here, then please throw it at us. Short of robbing the Louvre, we can – and will – organize anything.

Step 4

And when we say we can do anything, we mean it: from the cooly classic (a family safari in Botswana) to the absolutely absurd (like dropping you in the middle of the Amazon with nothing but a GPS phone).

Step 5

Wherever you see Black Tomato pink, that’s our way of telling you to click. Use the ‘start planning here’ buttons throughout the site to contact us via our online form.

Step 6

The cogs start turning as soon as you hit send. One of our Travel Experts – all of whom are based between London, New York and Newcastle – will be in touch with an initial proposal that we’ll refine together.

Step 7

We never leave your side – we’re on hand to refine your itinerary until it’s perfect, and once you’re away we’re just a call away should you need us too.