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Luxury Family Holidays

Your family are the most important people in the world. And you want them to feel important during your time away. But every family is different, and it can be a lot of work pleasing everyone – especially today. However small or large – from the youngest of new-borns to parents and grandparents – your dreams, your tastes, your history – that’s what matters most.

We know this because we’re families ourselves

Luckily, our family trips are made by families, for families, meaning we know exactly how to take away the stress, the uncertainty, and the ‘are we there yets.’ So, when it comes to curating your family’s holiday, we always begin with who you are and what you want to feel. This approach – tailor-made, tried and true – stems from years of curating experiences not only for other families, but for our own.

And this is exactly why we don’t sell ‘trips’. Not obviously, at least. We’re in the business of creating memories in the making – unforgettable, remarkable, and like nothing else on earth.

Unparalleled luxury for you. Unbridled excitement for them. Safety and security for you all. Easy. But we can’t do anything about the tantrums. Sorry.

Know what you’re looking for? Great.

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We believe in the power of inspiration

As travellers, we’ve spent our lives getting deeper and closer to our wide, wild world, figuring out the places and experiences that work best for families of all different types and sizes. This isn’t about box-ticking or completionism. We want to show you and your family the world in a way that works for you, and for you alone.

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We’ll save you time, stress, and energy

Our travellers lead busy lives. And as modern life becomes ever more complex, it can be difficult to find the proper time to plan the family escape you deserve – overwhelmed by options and fretting about FOMO. Getting your family trip just-so can feel incredibly stressful. Happily, we’re here to figure out these details on your behalf, to do the heavy lifting and the precision engineering. This is your journey. We’re just here to steer the way.

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We’re tailor-made

Most travel companies sell “packages” and fixed experiences. They’re off-the-shelf, and what you see is all that you get. But we’re different. These pages are filled with ideas and inspirations, but their purpose is to do just that – inspire. When you come with us, we’ll build your trip from the ground up – taking all your passions and personalities into account, from dinosaur-obsessed nine-year-olds to adults who’d like a little bit of downtime, just for themselves.

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We’re experts

Simply put, we’re experts at family travel because we’re families ourselves. Over the years, we’ve brought together a team of impassioned globe-trotters and destination-obsessives. These are the people who’ll plan your trip, from the smallest details to the most sublime and remarkable of crescendos. And because so many of us know what it means to travel as a family, you can rest assured that we’ll never take this lightly.

What type of family holiday are you looking for?

We want to take you beyond the constraints of packages and cookie-cutter itineraries. We want to show you and your family the world – on your terms. For you, for yours.

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Adventure family holidays

These family trips aren’t for the faint of heart. This is a thing of pedals put to metal. It is the world as your playground, senses pushed to the extreme.

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Two deers in front of Half Dome in Yosemite Valley, Luxury Vacations USA

Family wildlife holidays

These family experiences will take you closer and bring you deeper to some of the 8.7 million species that call our planet home, all led by some of the world’s most renowned experts and guides.

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Maasai People, Luxury vacations Kenya,

Cultural family holidays

Open your children’s eyes to the extraordinary diversity of the world around us, how every village, valley, city and country has its own unique culture and history.

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Relaxing family holidays

Laidback living and gently immersive activities. They’re the perfect thing for families who want to slow things down a little – to do something while not doing something, if you follow.

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Cowboy horseback riding, luxury vacations

Bucket list family holidays

Now for the really big stuff. The things that will define you all for years to come. These experiences – monumental, once-in-a-lifetime – are about as epic as it gets. Put another way, these are the stories you’ll never tire of telling.

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Gladiator School, Field Trip, Luxury Vacations Italy

Our favourite experiences

We’ve scoured both urban and remote corners of the world to bring you a family-sized sampling of tried-and-tested experiences, so your kids can really get stuck into and involved with the destination you’re travelling to.

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There are some things you can’t leave your home without. They’re your fundamentals, your essentials – the everyday things that make life that little bit easier, especially when you’re travelling as a family.

With The Rider, we’ll ensure they’re never forgotten.

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Who’s going on your holiday?

Families come in all shapes and sizes. As such, we’ve organized our trips by ages – but that doesn’t mean they’re only for the kids. These finely-tuned forays into the world are designed to strike a balance. They’ll keep your kids in focus, but they’ll excite and entertain you, too. Of course, each and every Black Tomato trip is adjusted to suit the people travelling on it; so no two experiences will ever look the same.

The best holidays for toddlers

Whether you’re new to trips with small children or not, these adventures are designed to take the stress of transfers, timings, and organizing experiences away, so you can sit back and enjoy your trip too.

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Places to go on holiday with kids

Suddenly they’re running around telling you what’s what. These trips are all about striking a balance between the not-so-little ones and you (let’s face it, you’re going to need a break from your break). It’s not always easy, but that’s what we’re here for.

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Trips for older families

They’re either on your sofa or in another city. Either way, the kids are not so small anymore. These trips are all about bringing you back together (you can expect: fewer tears and tantrums. We hope.)

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Multigenerational family holidays

Nothing compares to having the entire family together, even while it can be difficult to balance the needs of all – from the youngest to the eldest. Luckily, we’ve cracked the code for balancing the needs of all.

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Our family travel calendar

Know when you’d like to travel but aren’t sure on where? Whether you’re looking to escape during the school holidays, summer break, New Year or beyond, we’ve curated this list of our favourite family-friendly holidays that are perfect throughout the year. We’ve chosen experiences to make your family trip as exciting and stress-free as possible; from chocolate making in Cusco to reindeer sleighing in Finnish Lapland. All you need to do is pick your favourite.

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Field Trip

We’ve curated a curriculum of educational encounters around the world. Designed for ages 12 and over (though they can also work for younger ages, too), the classes offer incomparable educational opportunities and behind-the-scenes access, all of it led by a team of experts and insiders. These experiences can be included as part of your wider Black Tomato trip, but we can also build your journey entirely around them.

Explore the classes

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Take me on a story

A good book can really take you places – whether that’s down a rabbit’s hole or all the way to an exotic treasure island. And with these immersive family experiences, we’re celebrating the transformative power of the books we loved when we were young, and the stories our children have come to adore themselves.

Start your story

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A dream come true

“Our Morocco trip was a dream come true – an amazing adventure of sights, sounds, and delicious food in an exotic location. Tailored to exactly our interests, our family was able to experience this delightful country through wonderful guides who shared their knowledge and expertise. We appreciated having a local contact if there were questions or changes we wanted to make and always felt well taken care of.”

Cecilia, Black Tomato Client


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