The best family vacation spots

A hand-picked selection of our favourite global family destinations

Family trips are often the ones we remember and cherish the most. The best family vacations are precious time spent with the ones we love the most, exploring, learning and experiencing somewhere new together. Somewhere entirely different from what we know every day. They’re the trips that linger; fondly talked about weeks, months and even years after you return home.

With a whole world of destinations to discover, deciphering the best family vacation spots worldwide from the rest can be a challenge. But fear not. Our trips – created by families, for families – are always entirely tailored to your specific wants and needs. After years of travelling with our own families, we have a wealth of experience in knowing where suits for luxury family vacations – from the most family friendly hotels to unforgettable experiences you’ll all love, whether you’re 5 or 75.

So, whether it’s South Africa or Greece, Mexico or Iceland, read on below for an overview of six of the very best family vacation spots – each specially selected because they’re perfect for families of all shapes and sizes. Our luxury travel experts have saved you the hours of research, because a selection of where you should go, where you should stay and what you could get up to there is all just a quick scroll below. Handy, right?

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In this guide we’ll be talking about:
The best family vacation spots in Iceland
The best family vacation spots in Italy
The best family vacations in Greece
South Africa family vacations
The best family vacation spots in Mexico
Family vacations in the USA

Iceland family vacations


When we think of Iceland family vacations, adventure instantly springs to mind. It’s an incredible place (and one we know very well), famous for its unusual landscapes and mesmerising natural beauty. Such surroundings lend themselves to exploration and discovery, so budding and experienced explorers alike are sure to find plenty to enjoy.

When it comes to Iceland family vacations with very little ones, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to take part in or make the most of all the activities and experiences Iceland has to offer. We’ve found it’s often better suited to families with slightly older kids – but it’s something to look forward to when they’re a little more grown up.

This luxurious adventure brings together the best of what Iceland has to offer family travellers. From private access to the warming waters of the Blue Lagoon to taking quad bikes across countryside filled with lava fields, hot springs, black sand beaches and volcanic craters – it’s the adventure of a lifetime. You’ll also snorkel in Silfra Fissure: an ever-changing underwater site where the water is so clear that visibility continues over 100 metres down. This special spot marks the gap between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates; it’s certainly not every day you can say you’ve been swimming between them. Future scientists in the family? This Field Trip experience is another treat for inquisitive minds as you visit a ground-breaking geothermal energy plant to learn how Icelanders have made their country one of the most sustainable in the world.

Iceland’s hotels tend to make the most of the landscapes they’re set in, too. Hotel Ranga in South Iceland is perfect for families – and does exactly that. A luxurious lodge set in stunning countryside, just minutes from the hotel lies its own observatory, where guests can look up to skies saturated with the brightest stars and – at the right time – the elusive, mesmerising northern lights.

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Family vacations in Italy


Family vacations in Italy are infatuating, intoxicating; and infinitely customisable. With opportunity for both activity and relaxation – keeping adults and kids of any age entertained – Italy offers so much. There’s cuisine and coastlines; history and heritage. A touch of la dolce vita awaits here for all the family. And what’s more, many of the main school holidays happen to be some of the best times to visit – read our guide for more ideas on how to plan a family trip to Italy.

This family trip to Rome, Florence and Puglia makes the most of this tempting trio. From learning the art of making fresh gelato together to some relaxation overlooking the beautiful terracotta skyline of Florence – there’s a little bit of everything, for everyone. If you really want to bring Rome to life, then a hands-on day at gladiator school should do the trick. Step into the arena together, swords and shields in hand, as you attend your very own practical combat class with a gladiator and learn about some of the world’s most famous fighters.

When it comes to where to stay on your Italian vacation, Borgo Egnazia is one of our favourite hotels, and it’s perfect for families. Its own little authentic Puglian village, the four outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, reading rooms, and beach club ensure that you’re never short of choice when it comes to how to spend your days. With service that leaves nothing unthought-of, you can relax and truly press the reset button.

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Greece family vacations


There’s so much fascinating history to uncover on Greece family vacations. But it’s also a picturesque place to unwind and spend some quality time stepping back from the hustle and bustle of busy home life. It’s the timeless classic of family vacations, boasting stunning scenery and an irresistibly warm climate.

This luxury family getaway to Greece will have you uncovering the myths and mysteries of ancient Greece together across Athens, Mykonos and Crete. There’s lunch in a traditional mountainside tavern with delicious dishes baked in a wood-oven, a private yacht trip to explore the archaeological jewel of Delos, and an interactive family tour of the world-famous Acropolis. There’s adventure in spades, and plenty of balmy beachside relaxation to go with it.

Greece is ideal for multigenerational travellers. There’s something for everyone, at every age. And when it comes to where to stay, larger villas in some hotels and resorts allow the space and time for everyone to do what suits them. Amanzoe in Porto Heli, surrounded by rolling olive groves and overlooking the sparkling waters of the Aegean Sea, is a perfect example of this. With private villas of varying sizes, it’s ideal for big families looking to reconnect – Villa 20 is its largest, with nine bedrooms. ‘Amanzoe’ translates to mean ‘peaceful life’; we know it’s exactly what you’ll find on a luxury family vacation to Greece.

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Family vacations in South Africa

South Africa

Family vacations in South Africa are for those once-in-a-lifetime moments. From cosmopolitan Cape Town to spellbinding Sabi Sands, vacations here are a special in their scope – and adaptable for all age groups and dynamics. The list of why we love South Africa goes on. And on.

This unforgettable adventure brings together the very best of South Africa and Mozambique. You’ll explore Cape Town like locals. You’ll stay in a fairy-tale forest lodge. You’ll dine alfresco in our favourite picnic spots. You’ll spot the big five in the wild at sunset. You’ll snorkel in pristine coral reefs. It’s really a trip none of you will forget in a hurry.

The range of properties in South Africa is broad, and in our many years as luxury travel company we’ve built close relationships with guides on the ground, ensuring your experience can be utterly personalised? Hidden away on the banks of the Mabrak River in Sabi Sands (a prime safari location if ever there was one), lies Dulini Moya: one of our favourites. Comprised of just six stylish villas, every stay is an extraordinary, tailored experience – from stories shared around the fire and bright morning breakfasts together under the trees to spotting leopards and elephants on private game drives. The lodge in Grootbos Private Nature Reserve at Walker Bay is also an idyllic haven for family travellers. It’s your choice how wild you go here, right up to horseback rides on the beach and diving alongside great white sharks.

South Africa is also home to two of our endlessly engaging Field Trip classes. This masterclass in wildlife photography from Chris Fallows, one of the world’s most renowned photographers of bush and marine wildlife, will see you take a boat ride out to sea to photograph its creatures, and learn from Chris about how to properly use a camera to best capture wildlife and landscapes. Or, for future sociologists and historians – an afternoon spent exploring the life and times of Nelson Mandela. With his prison guard turned close friend Christo Brand as your guide, you’ll leave with a first-hand understanding of Mandela’s life and fight to dismantle apartheid. On family vacations in South Africa, you’ll see and experience things you just can’t get from inside the four walls of a classroom.

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Mexico family vacations


If we had to pick one word to describe Mexico family vacations, it would be ‘vibrant’. Closely followed by ‘venturesome’, ‘bold’, ‘relaxing’, ‘colourful’ and ‘cultural’. Really, they can be anything. Mexico is a place where you can choose to do everything, or to do nothing at all. It all depends on what makes your family tick.

Beginning in the city of Merida, this family trip to Mexico will have you learning about ancient sacrificial rites, swimming alongside a flock of 2,000 flamingos, exploring local shops and eateries, and relaxing in a hacienda set right in the heart of the jungle. One of our favourite luxury travel experiences on this trip is a private tour of Chichen Itza: Mexico’s most famous Mayan ruins dating back almost 1,500 years, and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bypassing the queues and the crowds, one of our expert guides will reveal the secrets of the storied El Castillo del Serpiente Emplumado as you clamber along the ruins together – and you’ll have all the time in the world for asking questions. The last few days of your Mexican family adventure will take you to the coast of the Riviera Maya to unwind on soft white sandy beaches, with an extra dose of culture exploring nearby Sian Kaán, a sublime area of natural beauty home to thousands of flora and fauna species.

The flexibility of an itinerary such as this one in a country such as Mexico, means it’s perfect for families of all ages and dynamics. Whether you’re needing a break with the very little ones or going on a big, multigenerational trip to remember – there’ll be something for everyone here.

Our stand-out Mexican property for families is Chable Yucatan. A large private estate on an old Hacienda in the tiny town of Chicola on the Yucatan Peninsula, it’s the perfect location from which to discover the mysteries of the Ancient Maya World. Its suites are all thoughtfully designed with privacy and an appreciation for the surrounding nature in mind – like its spa, which is built around a cenote. Two lavish villas for larger travelling groups are ideal for families looking to switch off and enjoy some quality time together.

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Luxury family vacations USA


The possibilities for luxury family vacations in the USA are as broad and vast as the country itself. For families from the US, it’s the ease of a staycation filled with adventure on your very own doorstep. For families from further afield, it’s the exploration of dramatic landscapes and iconic cities vastly different from those at home.

You can also read our luxury travel guide for more ideas and inspiration on the best family vacations in the US.

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