Our ultimate guide to luxury travel in 2024

This is luxury travel, Black Tomato style

What is luxury travel?

The title of this guide leaves us in a sticky spot, right from the word go. Because writing about luxury travel surely requires an explanation of what exactly ‘luxury travel’ is. But no matter how long we spend trying to usefully define it, it feels too complex a task.

Luxury vacations are personal. They mean something different for each and every one of us. Whether that’s hiking in peaceful solitude through a remote corner of the desert or sipping cocktails aboard a private yacht, sailing gently through the Mediterranean. They’re whatever floats your boat, so to speak.

We work from this, our own (incredibly loose) definition. You tell us exactly what you want from the world, and we’ll help you to see it. To feel it, taste it, hear it. All those wonderful sensorial things. Will your trip indulge your curiosity? Will it help you feel fulfilled? Will it give you a sense of achievement? Will it challenge you? Or will it simply give you space to relax? You let us know, and together we’ll make it happen. One of our Travel Experts was once described by a client as being “like a genie in a lamp” who made all their travel wishes come true. We quite liked this comparison. It’s all about turning your ideas into moments; moments into memories.

How to travel in luxury

Like we said, there’s no right answer. But over the years, we’ve developed a number of unique offerings to help our clients travel in luxury – whatever that means to them. The very height of it.

For many of our travellers, that means quenching their thirst for escaping the crowds and getting beneath the surface of a place. For going further, looking deeper. That might be a solo Get Lost expedition, a seat-of-your-pants safari, a private Blink camp in your own remote corner of the world, or an epic self-drive road trip. But there’ll be more on all these things later.

Where to go in 2024

This ultimate guide to luxury travel in 2024 will take you on a trip around the world. To and through our favourite destinations – and all the things that make them so. From epic experiences to the best luxury hotels and hidden gems – straight from the minds of our luxury Travel Experts. A pre-warning: when you’ve read this page from top to bottom, you’ll have caught a (potentially) serious case of wanderlust. You’ll feel your feet start to itch, your hands compelled to pack a suitcase. But we always feel like that. That restlessness, that unrelenting need to discover the world, is our ‘why’. Sharing this with our travellers is the ‘what’. And it never gets old.

Already know where you’d like to go? Use the list below to find inspiration on every continent. Click to explore luxury travel in:

  1. Europe
  2. Asia
  3. Africa
  4. North America
  5. Latin America
  6. Australasia
  7. Unique luxury travel experiences


Luxury travel in Europe

Luxury travel in Europe

Europe packs a punch full of ancient history, diverse culture and culinary delights. It’s a continent where elegant grandeur and stylish city chic coexist with rugged wilderness and high-octane adventure. And we can’t get enough of it.

We’d be here forever if we tried to cover every European country we’ve fallen in love with. Because it’s almost all of them – from Finland to France, Spain to Slovenia. So, we’ll just tell you about three. But as with all our luxury vacations, everything is bespoke. Just because it’s not mentioned here doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Nothing is too little or too much. You need only ask.

Italy luxury travel
Luxury travel in Italy

Luxury travel in Italy

First up? That’s right, you (probably quite easily) guessed it. The timeless romance of gorgeously gorgeous Italy. For classical history in the cities, beautiful beaches in the south and the old-charm luxury of its northern lakes – we’re yet to meet a traveller who doesn’t entirely adore it. Families, friends, lovers and solo travellers. Seriously, everybody. The fresh hand-made pasta might also have something to do with it.

After our Travel Expert Sunil last visited, his sentiment was this: “Go to Italy. Go now. Eat the cacio e pepe. Drink an Aperol spritz with aperitivo. You won’t regret a thing”. We couldn’t agree more.

The best luxury experiences in Italy

You’d expect a place as chic as Italy to be brimming with luxury experiences. And it is. Morning hot air balloon rides over Tuscan hillsides, private access to the Vatican before it opens to the crowds, speedboat trips to the island of Capri to explore the blue grotto, and guided tours of the Uffizi with an extended walk through the usually off-limits Vasari corridor in Florence.

And for the little ones? Our Field Trip experiences – designed especially for families – are all about learning from the world, in the world. One of our favourites takes place in the world’s most famous gladiatorial arena: the Colosseum. Attending your very own practical combat class with a Roman gladiator, you’ll spend a morning in the shoes of the bravest, strongest fighters in history.

The best luxury hotels in Italy

Italy breathes effortless elegance. And so do its hotels. There are two that spring to our minds immediately, that we tell all our travellers about.

The first sits perched on the cliffsides of the Amalfi Coast, with views over the quaint village of Positano. Casa Angelina is sleek and modern; private and polished. With only a small number of rooms and an adults only rule, it all feels very relaxed. The neutral white décor throughout serves to accentuate the deep blues of the ocean it looks out to. There’s also access to a private beach club, to top it all off.

The second is a Borgo Egnazia: a resort modelled on a traditional Puglian village, complete with its own village square where live music, fiestas and cooking events are held. It’s simply divine. And a real winner when it comes to catering for everyone. If you’re there with the little ones, there’s a made-to-measure kids-only restaurant, Da Frisella, where the menu is comprised of healthy dishes that change every day, cooked using seasonal local ingredients. Delicious.

Luxury travel in Greece
Greece luxury travel

Luxury travel in Greece

Where luxurious hideaways rub shoulders with ancient ruins. Enter the islands of Greece. An ideal summer destination, you’ll find beautiful beaches, historic cities and picturesque seascapes. But the best part? You don’t have to choose just one way of seeing it. You can have the high glamour of Mykonos and the serenity of lesser-explored Sifnos. You can have it all.

The best luxury experiences in Greece

Aside from the obvious (in case it isn’t, we mean sunbathing between dips in the shimmering blue Mediterranean), Greece is excellent for a luxury experience.

First things first, we’d head out on a private day tour of Argolis, including a visit to the theatre at Epidaurus – one of the best preserved classical Greek buildings still used today, famed for its acoustics. After a scenic drive through mountains and fertile valleys of olive groves, we’d suggest Delphi next – a UNESCO-listed archaeological site. Our Field Trip experience, in the enchanting setting of the Acropolis of Athens, is also a must-do. After the museum has closed its doors for the day, you’ll embark on an exclusive tour with a specialist guide, even getting the chance to handle some early artifacts – before enjoying a private dinner on the museum terrace. Ancient history, present day.

What else, you ask? A road trip to the cave of Zeus, which you’ll reach by hiking – or hitching a ride with a donkey. Towering rocks, mystical energy. You’ll then enjoy a spot of lunch in a traditional tavern in the mountains, baked fresh in the wood-oven by Grandma Niki. She’s a wonderful lady.

And then there’s island hopping aboard any kind of boat you choose to charter. We like to take our travellers on the nautical equivalent of the road less travelled (the waters less sailed). To some of the quieter isles. Sifnos, Spetses, Paros. Sun and sea, sea and sun. The luxurious kick-back relaxation of dreams.

The best luxury hotels in Greece

Elies is one of our best-kept luxury hotel secrets, situated on the quiet island of Sifnos. But we’ll let you in on it. This is a place to experience traditional island life – and Greek gastronomic excellence with a few cooking lessons, which incorporate an authentic mix of locally grown produce. Pure paradise.

Set within the arid landscapes of the Greek idyll of Paros, Parilio has more than earned its place in this guide. With a name that pays tribute to Helios, the Greek God of sunshine – and a crucifix shaped pool from which to worship him – we’re convinced that the sun really does shine that little bit brighter here. Each of the 33 suites feature private outdoor space, from terraces and jacuzzis to plunge pools.

Iceland luxury travel
Luxury travel company

Luxury travel in Iceland

Home to the almighty forces of nature and sublime landscapes. Iceland is somewhere we return to time and time again – in each and every season. Truth be told, we can’t get enough of the drama. Exploding geysers, gushing waterfalls, brooding hills, winding lava flows, frozen glaciers, and sweeping black sand beaches. The natural world at its most commanding.

Iceland shines especially bright in the winter, despite some days having over ten hours of darkness. But that’s how you know it’s really, really good. The Northern Lights illuminate the night sky, all ballet and dazzle. Snow sweeps across the landscape, and husky sledding becomes a viable form of transport. It’s a very special season.

Best luxury experiences in Iceland

Luxury vacations in Iceland lend themselves to adventure. And one that never ceases to impress is chasing the shimmering Northern Lights. On foot, by 4X4 boat or quadbike. The wintry seasons – between September and April – are the best time for catching a glimpse of them.

That’s looking up. But looking down, our luxury Travel Experts can arrange for you to head inside Þríhnúkagigur Volcano and see exactly what goes on beneath the earth’s surface. Scientists have opened a lift that will take a lucky few 120 meters beneath the surface of the earth, into the giant magma chamber of the dormant volcano, where you’ll be treated to amazing views and unparalleled insight into the natural world.

Iceland’s Thingvellir National Park is home to Silfra Fissure, the underwater rift between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. And you can snorkel, dive or swim in it. The clarity of its water is matchless, with visibility continuing over 100 metres down – deep where the gap’s geological treasures lie. We’d take the plunge.

If you’re visiting Iceland in the summer, you’ll find it bathed in a perpetual aura of wonder by the Midnight Sun, hanging heavy in the sky. Heading out to spot whales beneath it is something our travellers seldom forget. But for those in search of something rarer, zip up your dry suit and join your expert marine guide at Strytan to spend some time swimming alongside a pod of humpback whales in the wild. It’s ephemeral and magical. Unforgettable. The list goes on. And on.

Best luxury hotels in Iceland

Iceland has its fair share of luxury hotels. We know, because we’ve stayed in pretty much all of them. The standouts? Hotel Ranga and Retreat at Blue Lagoon.

If you’re chasing the Northern Lights, Hotel Ranga is the idyllic country lodge to do it from. If you’re as dedicated to seeing the lights as the staff are, they’ll ensure you don’t miss them – with a personal wake-up call whenever they appear. Now that’s service.

If instead you’re after a dip in the famous blue lagoon, stay at Retreat at Blue Lagoon – a luxurious spa hotel incorporated into its surroundings. Lounge in the private corner of the lagoon under the midnight sun or head to the subterranean spa hewn out of volcanic rock and surrounded by geothermal waters.

Luxury travel in Asia

Luxury Travel in Asia

Marked by ancient trading routes and the remains of the world’s earliest civilizations, the Asian continent is utterly hypnotic. Vast. Exotic. And brimming with sensorial secrets. Candy floss blossom in Nagano, Komodo dragon islands, Sri Lankan tea plantations. Forgive the Julie Andrews moment, but these really are a few of our favourite things.

Asia is a continent for heading down paths less trodden. Like in Mongolia’s far-flung Bayan-Olgii region, where Kazakh nomads traverse its landscapes – as their ancestors have done for centuries. Open your eyes – and your heart – and we’ll immerse you in this unchanged way of life. Ascend the Altai Mountains with your Great Eagle Hunter host – and guide – who will show you how the community supports and sustains itself.

A common theme emerges whenever we write about the world. That there simply aren’t sufficient words on any page to do it all justice. So, this is a shorter than short, whistle-stop tour of just a few of our recommendations for luxury travel in Asia.

Luxury travel in Thailand
Thailand luxury travel

Luxury Travel in Thailand

Stepping off the plane in Thailand is like stepping into another world. Exit the airport to a wave of humidity in Bangkok – and prepare to be greeted by beeping tuk-tuk drivers, floating markets and sizzling street food. In the quiet north, where the peaceful temples of Chiang Mai and elephant sanctuaries await. And in yet another contrast, picturesque islands – prime for ultimate relaxation – lie in the country’s south. After meditation retreats, bustling cities, or jungle-coated isles? This is your place.

Thailand is for the big moments, and the small moments. Quiet and loud. When our own Alister last visited, he travelled winding mountain roads through Ban Jabo in the country’s far north – an area populated by the Lahu hilltribe. He hiked to the summit of one of its highest peaks, stopping for respite at a tiny noodle café – where he ate his meal while his feet were quite literally dangling off the cliff’s edge. Lunch, on top of the world. It’s experiences like this that we’ll happily create for you. Just say the word.

Luxury travel experiences in Thailand

On our luxury travel experiences in Thailand, you’ll really get under its skin. We’ve searched high and low to find the highlights and hot-spots away from the crowds – so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy them.

A favourite of our luxury Travel Experts is a private boat journey through the towering limestone formations of Phang Nga Bay. Another is a special exclusive-access visit to Wat Pho temple. Just as the lights turn on for the evening you find yourself alone with the pavilion to yourself, where your guide will share with you its fabled history. We’ll arrange special meet up with the local community, as you help them prepare for the annual festival of light Loy Krathong. We’ll organise a day to spend bonding with the animal residents of the Patara Elephant Sanctuary – where you’ll learn how to feed and bathe these gentle giants.

In search of something else? Dive off the coast of Phi Phi Island, learn how to make authentic Thai dishes from scratch in a private cooking class, roam through rainforest and spot fantastic tropical birds. There’s plenty more where that came from.

The best luxury hotels in Thailand

With rooms carved into the cliff side facing the emerald waters of Phang Nga Bay, the Six Senses Yao Noi surely can’t be far from heaven on Earth. Embracing its remote location, explore uncharted reefs and mangroves, or instead opt for kayaking and hiking. Or traditional Thai healing practices in the spa. Or simply basking in the morning sun beside your private infinity pool. With a core focus on environmental and social impact, this is sustainable luxury at its finest.

Another favourite of ours is The Siam, an art deco oasis tucked away from the buzz of Bangkok, presiding over the River of Kings. Comprised of just thirty-nine luxury suites, you’ll find a rare feeling of intimacy and calm in one of Asia’s busiest cities. Take a break from whizzing around in tuk-tuks and use the hotel’s private river shuttle to slowly drift from temple to temple. We’ve tried it. It’s akin to a (lovely) dream.

Japan luxury travel
Luxury travel expert Japan

Luxury Travel in Japan

The land of majestic temples and crimson torii gates. We spend night and day thinking about how much we want to go to Japan. Really. And over the years, our luxury Travel Experts have crossed the length and breadth of what is arguably the world’s most beguiling country. And they’re ready and waiting to help you step inside. From the fog-shrouded islands of Naoshima to the magnificent mountain scenery of Hakone. Japan is a destination for big, exciting, once-in-a-lifetime, milestone trips.

When is the best time to visit? Once a year, from the end of March to the final flush of May, Japan erupts in small starlets of pink and white – a cherry blossom fever sweeping from north to south. And it’s our very favourite time to go.

Luxury travel experiences in Japan

Modern worlds and ancient customs collide in Japan. So, there’s an experience – or ten – to suit every traveller.

In Tokyo’s bustling streets, you’ll find quiet sanctums of historic tradition. These stables (or “Heya” in Japanese) are where sumo wrestlers train, sleep and eat – and we’ll take you inside to witness their training. In Kyoto’s most authentic tea house, you’ll be greeted with the scent of fresh matcha lingering in the halls – before a private traditional tea ceremony and in-depth tour. Then a private ninja lesson with a master sensei, a speedy ride on the world-famous bullet train, a class on amezaiku candy artistry.

For the creative traveller, one of our Field Trip experiences takes place in Kyoto – where you’ll learn the art of making Japanese Raku-Yaki ceramics from a master potter. Hand-built, kiln-fired and air-dried, these pieces hold important cultural value in Japanese society. Potters spend years perfecting the techniques to craft them traditionally – and now, so will you (but in just one afternoon).

The best luxury hotels in Japan

Rising twenty-four stories above the buzzing streets of Tokyo, we’d stay at The Peninsula. Sleek, modern, elevated service and attention to detail. It’s everything you’d expect from a luxury hotel – and more. It oozes city chic –whether you’re admiring its collection of one-thousand pieces of Japanese art or relaxing in the spa (perhaps a refined Oriental and Ayurvedic treatment or two).

Away from the city – and from it all – there’s Hoshinoya. This hotel highlights Kyoto’s spirit and natural beauty in a new and original way. 25 individual Ryokans (Japanese inns) await you here – poised to help you unwind, relax and watch the seasons pass by, in the most traditional atmosphere.

India luxury travel
Ladakh, India luxury travel

Luxury travel in India

India is for the curious. And for the very top of bucket lists. Trips here – at least the ones our travellers embark on – are about more than just seeing a destination. They’re about immersing yourself in a culture wholly different from your own. And all the magic that comes with that.

Upon returning from her own travels, Jessica – from our London team – said this: “You can’t help feeling that no matter how long you spend in India and how much you do, you’ll only ever scratch the surface. Its description as a sub-continent makes perfect sense when you witness how much the language, beliefs, and traditions change at seemingly every turn. It’s heady and entirely intoxicating”. Between tea houses high in the Himalayas and the bright blue city of Jodhpur, you’ll fall head over heels in love with it. Just like we have.

The best luxury experiences in India

India holds hundreds, even thousands, of life-changing experiences. Our journey of choice? To Ladakh, one of the few places on Earth still practically unexplored. It’s something of a travel secret (one we’re obviously hopeless at keeping). Beginning in the foothills of the Himalayas, join a local for a walking tour through the village of Stok, enjoy a glass of fresh Leh berry and apricot juice, hike your way to Khapsang meditation center, head to Thiksey Monastery to watch the sunrise, pay a visit to the ‘Amchi’ medicine man to learn about Ladakhi religion. All whilst staying in the region’s most beautiful hotels. This is luxury travel, after all.

Elsewhere, we’ll arrange a sunrise hot air balloon over Jaipur, followed by an exclusive after-hours access to the City Palace when it’s lit up against the night sky by hundreds of flickering candles. Whilst you’re there, our Field Trip experience will show you around this exquisite ‘pink city’, ending with a private blessing ceremony at a three-hundred-year-old Hindu temple. Your guide to its temples and sanctuaries? A Vedic Guru (or Hindu priest) – a font of wisdom and an expert in astrology.

We’ll also show you another side to India, if you’d like. In Rajasthan, experience a safari like no other as you soak up the scenery on a quest to find the world’s most graceful feline: the leopard.

The best luxury hotels in India

The Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur is perhaps India’s most iconic property. A hotly contested title, yes, but it’s not hard to see why this place takes the prize. Floating on the shimmering waters of Lake Pichola, it’s reached by a short boat ride from the shore. From the moment you step inside, it’s all about opulence and tradition. The interiors – marked by luxurious silks, painted murals, and beautifully carved wood furniture – offer a taste of life as a Maharaja. Want to feel like royalty for a few days? Because we definitely do.

Our luxury Travel Experts are also perpetually in love with JAWAI: a luxury wilderness retreat nestled in Rajasthan’s Aravalli Mountains. Focused on wildlife and local village culture, its luxurious tented suites are designed in the spirit of the modern luxury explorer – with private infinity pools, no less. It’s arguably the best place for leopard spotting in all of India. Get ready for a safari like no other.

Africa luxury travel

Luxury travel in Africa

Thrill-seekers gather round. Africa is a continent home to some of the most majestic wildlife on planet Earth. The great migration, the Big Five, endangered gorillas. And (if you ask us) there’ll never be a time when spotting a lioness and her cubs venturing out at sunrise isn’t the most exciting thing ever. But it goes without saying that safaris are certainly not the only thing in store on the world’s second-largest continent.

There are endless ways to experience Africa. To delve deeper. In the winelands of South Africa, saddle up and horse ride over striking mountain scenery, forests and vineyards – stopping only to enjoy some of the best wines the country has to offer. In Morocco, travel up into the Atlas Mountains on a 4×4 adventure – pausing at Imlil for a hike into a Berber Village to enjoy traditional lunch with the locals. In Egypt, discover fascinating history and culture aboard your private felucca (a traditional wooden boat) as you sail to explore the Nubian monuments, a string of ancient archaeological sites on the shores of Lake Nasser. Put simply, there’s a trip in Africa for every season – and for every traveller.

Luxury travel expert Africa
Luxury travel in Africa

Luxury safaris in Africa

When it comes to safari, our luxury Travel Experts really know their stuff. They’ve taken to the skies over the winding waterways of the Okavango Delta to spot rhinos from above. They’ve heard the thundering gallops of thousands of wildebeest crossing the Mara River during the Great Migration. They’ve enjoyed bush breakfasts at sunrise on the wildlife-rich plains of Serengeti National Park. And they’ll make sure your trip is full of moments like these – or any moments you wish.

There are countless, diverse options for wildlife sightings and safaris across the African continent. It all depends on what you want to experience. You can head out in a 4X4 to witness a family of giraffes crossing the plains of Kenya’s Laikipia National Reserve against hazy, lavender sunset skies. Or set out on foot to enter the mighty kingdom of the elephants in Botswana’s Chobe National Park. You can also enjoy a morning hot chocolate as you watch the sunrise – and the wildlife waking up – from the real Pride Rock. Or relax into a warm bubble bath back at your luxury lodge, watching as a herd of antelope stroll by in the distance.

Want to try something other than a traditional safari? Track endangered gorillas in Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains or head into the deep blue for a swim alongside Great White sharks off the coast of South Africa. For a romantic honeymoon, a family getaway to remember or a solo adventure. You name it, we’ll plan it.

North America luxury travel

Luxury Travel in North America

With fifty states and the whole of Canada to choose from it, it would take far too long to talk about all our favourite luxury travel experiences in North America. The list’s as long as your arm (if your arm is really, really long). From the big cities of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles to the wilds of Alaska and Canada, a trip to this vast continent can be one, or the other, or both. That’s probably why the US is one of our favourite luxury vacation destinations for families. With such a vast range of regions to explore, there’s something to suit the interests of everyone. We’ve hand-picked just a few trips here, for a taste of what’s in store.

A luxury journey through America’s West

This is the drive of a lifetime, through the heart of western USA – from the freedom of the open road to some of our favourite luxury properties. Along the way, explore Antelope, Rattlesnake and Owl Canyons with an expert Navajo guide, who’ll share with you the geology, botany, history of these three iconic canyons of the southwest – as well as the history and culture of the Navajo people. Feel the adrenaline pumping as you head out river rafting and horseback riding in Colorado – and then relax as you unwind at Brush Creek Ranch in the heart of the rolling hills of Saratoga in Wyoming. You’ll be feeling at one with nature in no time at all.

Luxury travel in Canada
Luxury travel in North America

A family trip to New England

Comprised of six states – each home to their own adventures – there’s no better region than New England for a family road trip. Explore the interactive exhibits at Boston’s Museum of Science. Take a walk along Ocean Drive, ten miles of historic seaside landmarks, before a perfect a family picnic. Take a private tour of the Nantucket Island and learn all about its original native American inhabitants, the Wampanoag people, before sinking your toes into the soft sands of the beach. But the ultimate highlight? Whale watching off the coast of Chatham, where humpback whales breach the surface of the water right next to the boats – and right before your eyes. It’s an unforgettable moment to experience together as a family.

The ultimate Canada luxury vacation

Chic cities, rugged wilderness. Canada impressively balances both – and we can’t get enough of it. On this trip, explore the quirky neighbourhoods of Vancouver, journey on the iconic rocky mountaineer train with panoramic views of the Canadian wilderness, feel the thrill of seeing the Rockies from above from a helicopter, and stay at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort where you’ll spend your days on the lookout for black bears and majestic whales. And so much more.

Latin America luxury travel

Luxury travel in Latin America

Luxury travel in Latin America is for adventure seekers and culture vultures. You’ll find ancient ruins in Peru and Mexico, wild landscapes in Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia, and rare wildlife on the exotic Galápagos Islands. And vibrant, exhilarating colour and culture everywhere you turn.

There’s this joyful rhythm to life here – and it’s incomparable to anything else in any place we’ve travelled. You’ll hear it in the Cuban jazz that accompanies a walk down the streets of Havana; you’ll feel it in the samba danced at a carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s beating heart. Even the panpipes played in the rainforests of Panama. It’s completely intoxicating.

To top that all off, the South American continent is one of the friendliest we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Once you’ve visited one Latin American country, you’ll immediately want to visit them all. That’s a scientific fact. Really.

Luxury travel in Argentina
Argentina luxury travel expert

Luxury travel experiences in Argentina

Argentina’s thriving culture, breath-taking natural landscapes and super friendly locals make it one of our all-time favourite destinations.

The vast, vibrant boulevards of Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires, are always buzzing. We’ll organise for you to cycle around to the brightest graffiti murals in La Boca, take part in a hands-on cooking class where you’ll learn to make tasty authentic empanadas, and learn the passion and history of the Tango during a private dance lesson. Our love for Argentina may begin here, but it’s certainly not where it ends.

We tell absolutely everyone about Argentina’s epic Lake District, Bariloche – in the northern region of Patagonia. We recommend getting out on the lakes with a private guide and enjoying a kayaking adventure where you’ll split off in a scenic and secluded location for a picnic lunch. Chartering a private yacht to cruise the deep blue pristine waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi also never goes amiss. The magnificent ice formations of the Perito Moreno Glacier are quite a sight to behold in the background.

As a relaxing remedy to all that adventure, we’d suggest sipping some full-bodied red by the pool at The Vines Resort and Spa in Mendoza. And if you fancy another glass? We’ll take you to Tempus, one of the region’s traditional wineries. You’ll be introduced to the Biondolillo family, who have been making Argentine wines for over five generations. After an in-depth look at the processes and particulars of wine production, you’ll create your own tailor-made blend.

The best luxury hotels in Argentina

For something truly special, we’d stay at Villa Beluno in Bariloche. Sitting on the picturesque shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi and shrouded in verdant Andean forest, it’s a boutique European-style villa with only 13 suites. Surrounded by bountiful nature, it’s completely gorgeous.

Another of the best luxury hotels in Argentina is completely customisable – and designed by you. Yes, you read that right. A luxury Blink camp in your very own corner of the Patagonian wilderness – a unique spot picked out by our team of local experts. They’ll set it up tailored exactly to your wishes (think soft down bedding in spacious tents, proper showers, an on-site hot tub and other lovely additions) – and bring along some of the country’s finest guides, astronomers and chefs in the country. And, of course, on either side of your luxury nights beneath the stars, we’ll curate a custom set of experiences throughout Argentina.

Luxury travel in Peru
Luxury travel expert Peru

Luxury travel experiences in Peru

Peru is home to the world’s very highest lake – and its very deepest canyon. And it’s contrast like this that keeps us coming back. To the eye-popping street art of Lima’s Barranco district and the misty foothills of the Sacred Valley.

The culinary capital of South America, we’re always drawn first to Peru’s foodie experiences. One of our favourites is held at the Mater Iniciativa Head Quarters – a not-for-profit association seeking to reassess Peru’s natural resources as well as keep alive the culture of its native communities. We also love meeting up with local Ani Corpancho for an authentic meal at her home on the banks of the Urubamba River, before giving thanks to Pachamama (or Mother Earth, as she’s also known) in a traditional Andean Pago a la Tierra ceremony, led by a shaman.

And of course, we couldn’t leave out the icons. But you’ll see them differently to the rest, when you come with us. The experience? An early morning tour of Machu Picchu. Your guide? Renowned anthropologist Professor Jean-Jacques Decoster, who lectures in Inca History and Andean Ethnography at Cusco’s University. You’ll soak up the drama and beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site before the crowds, gaining in-depth knowledge from the expert of all experts as you go.

The best luxury hotels in Peru

Set within a former palace and convent, the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas in Cusco is packed full of historical and cultural details that give it a real sense of place. In the lively neighbourhood of San Blas, you’ll be situated in a prime location for visiting the city’s most important historic landmarks. The hotel also has a personal butler on hand to cater for your every whim – and make sure your trip is as perfect as you dreamed it would be.

For travellers wanting to stay up near the ancient Inca fortifications of Machu Picchu, Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo is the place to be. Eco-led in both its design and ethos, it offers an authentic yet luxurious Peruvian experience in the lush cloud forest on the outskirts of Aguas Calientes. It doesn’t get much better. And as a luxury travel company, we would know.

Luxury travel company
Luxury travel experts

Luxury travel in Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands

There are few travel combinations more perfect than Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands.

First up, Ecuador. Its capital city, Quito, is a former Inca settlement bordered by Andean volcanoes – steeped in fascinating culture. Age-old churches, bustling plazas, cobbled streets, museums, and galleries filled with the works of local artists. Perfectly preserved, it was named as one of the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And you can ride on one of the world’s highest aerial lifts which runs up the east side of Pichincha Volcano. Need we say more?

Heading west over the Pacific Ocean into Baltra Island airport, you’ll find yourself on the seldom-seen Galápagos Island archipelago. As you explore its coves and bays and volcanic terrain, you’ll get up close and personal with diverse bird species and exotic sea life. You can even snorkel alongside sea lions and penguins – and visit the breeding centre which houses the giant tortoises thought to have inspired the theory of evolution. Even Darwin would be jealous.

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Luxury travel in Australasia

There’s something about the notion of travelling to the other side of the world. Perhaps it’s the pull of the unknown. The thrill of venturing as far as you can possibly get from home. It’s something, anyway.

There’s Australia’s beautifully balmy shores, sophisticated cities and daring culinary scene. There’s New Zealand’s striking natural landscapes, sprawling vineyards and deep-rooted culture. And beyond them lie the tranquil palm-fringed isles of French Polynesia, Fiji and the Cook Islands – where you can slip off the radar for days.

It’s no surprise that many who venture to Australasia love it so much they move there. To the buzzing metropolis of Melbourne and the mystical landscapes of the South Island. Where adventure and relaxation go happily hand-in-hand. We would, if we could.

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Luxury travel in Australia

One luxury vacation to Australia and you’ll realise just how much it has to offer. It’s no wonder it’s where our co-founders first dreamt up Black Tomato.

Bask on sunny beaches after enjoying a matinée performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House. Whilst in Melbourne, meet with experienced sommeliers and local chefs from the nearby Yarra Valley to get a true taste of the region. South on Kangaroo Island, take a clifftop walk with an experienced naturalist to see one of Australia’s largest colonies of sea lions, before sunset canapés and drinks surrounded by the island’s fascinating wildlife. In Tasmania, harvest oysters off the coast of Bruny Island and eat them straight from the shucked shell – fresher than fresh can get. We’ll never tire of the possibilities in Australia – and we’ll cater it to the whims and wishes of every traveller.

We’ll check you into a luxury tent at Longitude 131, Uluru. Slap, bang in the middle of the red sands of the outback, far away from anything and everything – it’s the perfect spot for some serious peace and quiet. Then, we’ll have you depart on a scenic flight to Whitehaven Beach where you’ll enjoy a private picnic and spend hours admiring the sheer beauty of this stretch of sand along Whitsunday Island. There’s nothing quite like soaring over the turquoise wonder of the Great Barrier Reef on your way back though. Next up? Drive through historic and scenic sugar cane country to the Daintree River, where a cable car ferry will transfer you into the Daintree Rainforest, one of the most diverse and ecologically unique areas on the planet. We’ll stop now, at the risk of giving all our Aussie secrets away. You’ll have to go to discover the rest.

Best luxury hotels in Australia

Arguably one of the country’s most luxurious hotels, the Park Hyatt Sydney is the luxury traveller’s go-to – primarily due to its location right on the famous harbourfront, beneath the bridge and with views across the bright white sails of the Opera House. It’s an ideal base from which to explore Sydney – and to say the views are unparalleled would be something of an understatement.

Tucked away in the heart of the Blue Mountains, the Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley is our favourite spot for some downtime – usually at the start or the end of an action-packed trip. The property is set on 7,000 acres of protected wilderness – so the focus here is on conservation, nature and enjoying being in one of Australia’s most spectacular settings. Don’t mind if we do.

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New Zealand luxury travel

Luxury travel experiences in New Zealand

Thrill-seekers, mountain trekkers, wildlife enthusiasts. This one’s for you. New Zealand may be smaller than its Aussie neighbour, but it’s something of a pocket-sized rocket. From the wide outdoors of Taupo to the panoramic ocean vistas of Hawke’s Bay. It’ll take your breath away, then help you catch it. Or both, all at once.

There are so many luxury travel experiences to be had in New Zealand, but let’s highlight three to begin with. First, a private helicopter flight over Milford Sound. From there, you’ll soar over the rugged West Coast where you’ll view seals in their natural colonies. Then, from the Tasman Sea, fly inland over glaciers and frozen lakes before landing in a remote wilderness site to enjoy a delicious picnic lunch. Second, a privately guided visit to Hobbiton, where you’ll discover the real ‘Middle Earth’. Stepping straight into a movie, you’ll explore the Hobbiton Movie Set from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogies – set on utterly picturesque private farmland. And third? Head out in search of the elusive Aurora Australis (also known as the Southern Lights) down on the South Island –from the peak of Mount Cook and across the expanse of Lake Pukaki. Alongside an expert astronomer, you’ll make the most of some of the country’s best stargazing experiences while you’re there. We could keep listing – into the hundreds and thousands – but you get the idea.

The best luxury hotels in New Zealand

Incredibly, irresistibly scenic, The Farm at Cape Kidnappers is set on 6,000 acres of working sheep and cattle farm, rolling right up to sheer cliffs overlooking the South Pacific. Individual cottages are scattered across the farmland, with just 22 suites overall. Postcard-perfect landscapes, a wine cellar that would impress any sommelier, and a soothing spa to return to after a day out in the wild. Heavenly.

Huka Lodge is one of New Zealand’s most iconic luxury hotels. Rustic beauty and sleek elegance, rolled into one. It sits amid manicured gardens on the banks of the Waikato River, just upstream from Huka falls. Spend your days indulging in the best of New Zealand’s outdoor pursuits – and those indoors at the lodge.

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Unique luxury travel experiences

When somebody asks about unusual ways to travel and experience the world, all our Travel Experts come running. Faster than Usain Bolt. Because we love the opportunity to put a twist on tradition – to shake up luxury travel as you know it. Here’s how.

You can step into the world of James Bond on one of sixty limited-edition trips. The Assignment: Europe will encompass all the glamour and glory of cinema’s most iconic secret agent as you travel from London to Paris, Monaco, Lake Como and Venice.

You can learn from the world, in the world with the whole family on one of our Field Trip experiences – a series of behind-the-scenes educational encounters with experts. Because the world is our favourite classroom.

You can step into the pages of yours and your children’s favourite books on Take Me on a Story – trips inspired by classic stories, from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ to Jules Verne’s ‘A Journey to the Centre of the Earth’. The best books take you places, after all.

You can travel through unexplored, unknown landscapes on a once-in-a-lifetime Get Lost adventure – trips that encourage travellers disconnect, truly engage in the moment, and push themselves to achieve what they never thought possible. Want to take on the challenge?

You can enjoy a part of the world created just for you, in your very own luxury Blink Camp – set up amongst some of the world’s most remote locations. We’ll build it before you arrive, and dismantle it after you’ve left – and tailor it to your every wish.

But if there’s something not mentioned here – or anywhere in this guide – that you’d like us to plan, we’d love to hear about it. And plan it.

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A summary

So that’s it. Our recommendations for luxury travel all over the world in 2024. Now you’re all clued up about where to go, where to stay, and what to do on a luxury vacation across the continents. If there’s a trip on your mind – whether it’s a short city break to romantic Rome or a month-long sojourn through South Africa – our luxury Travel Experts can’t wait to hear from you. Get in touch any time. And if you’re in need of more, check out what’s most popular with our travellers here.

Ready to plan?

Every traveller is different – so every trip we plan is different. Uniquely tailored, exclusively yours. If you know where you’d like to go, what you’d like to experience, or the way you’d like to feel on your travels – or if you don’t – then do get in contact. Our Travel Experts are on hand to help.

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