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At Black Tomato, our top priority is your safety and security. So whilst we will plan every detail of your trip to ensure a smooth and seamless experience, it is essential that you make sure that you have the appropriate insurance coverage prior to any trip you take with us.

Travel insurance is a complex product and it is extremely important that any insurance you purchase is suitable for your personal circumstances. Because every individual traveller and every individual trip has different requirements, we urge you to carefully review any policy you consider to make sure it fits your needs.

Our top recommendations

If you’re struggling on where to start, below are a few companies we can recommend who provide coverage for the types of experiential, high-value trips Black Tomato specialise in. They all offer personalised service and are contactable online or via telephone, should you require further clarification of their offerings. They are by no means the only options, and you may well find another insurer better suited to your requirements.

US travelers

Redpoint Travel Protection offer a range of different insurance plans, making them a great option for wherever your trip may take you. We love them for their fantastic coverage and excellent service.

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UK travellers

Campbell Irvine are a leading UK travel insurance provider and specialise in a wide range of activities. They stand out for their breadth of expertise and decades of experience.

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Other travellers

For residents of other countries, we recommend Journeyman Services. They are a great option with their policies offered “anywhere to anywhere” with 24hr emergency assistance.

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Additional insurance services

Beyond general travel insurance, you may find also wish to consider additional services to enhance your protection during travel. Below are some examples that you may wish to explore however your personal circumstances and risk tolerance will dictate whether these are right and necessary for you.

Covac Global

COVAC Global

COVAC Global provide a number of options for medical evacuation to your home or home hospital should you need during your travels.

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Global Rescue

Global Rescue

Global Rescue place particular emphasis on more intrepid activities or destinations. Their policies cover a wide range of circumstances to include services such as field rescue and emergency evacuation.

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Further Thoughts on Travel Insurance

There are many types of travel-related insurance products and that can be confusing. In general, there is “trip cancellation insurance,” “travel insurance,” and “travel protection.”

Trip cancellation insurance usually covers the costs of your trip if it cancelled for reasons stated in the insurance policy. Normally cancellation costs are only covered in a very narrow set of circumstances – e.g., travel disruptions/delays, death or hospitalisation of the traveller or an immediate relative prior to or during the trip, or if the State Department (US) or Foreign Office (UK) issues a warning against travel to your destination, so you will need to make sure that any policy you choose to buy would cover the specific circumstances you were concerned about.

Travel insurance usually covers trip cancellation and expands to emergency, and sometimes acute, medical care.

Travel protection is sometimes another term for the same types of coverage as travel insurance or an even broader set of coverages. Some insurers offer enhanced cancellation flexibility called Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) for an added premium; please note for CFAR to apply you will typically need to purchase an applicable policy within a short window (often about 14 days) of your initial trip confirmation.

The terms mentioned here are sometimes used interchangeably or differently by different companies so reviewing the policy itself and what it covers is more important that the term used.

These descriptions cannot fully describe or encompass all of the travel-related insurance products that may be available or that may be useful to you.  For example, for riskier or more active trips some companies offer rescue insurance, or medical evacuation from or medical care in remote locations that would not be covered by general policies or insurance for scuba diving (which is an activity that is often excluded from general travel/trip insurance).

In providing this information to you, we urge you to confirm whether you have sufficient coverage for medical costs in case anything arises while you are travelling (e.g., emergency care in-country and, potentially, medical evacuation).  A call to your health insurance provider to make sure they would cover any costs while you are travelling would clarify this.

Often your credit card company may also offer a level of cover, but again you need to speak with them to check the specific terms & conditions.

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