Relaxing Family Holidays


These family trips turn the volume down and your senses up

Slowing things down doesn’t mean dampening your senses. These relaxing experiences all revolve around laidback living and gently immersive activities.

They’re the perfect vacation for families who want to slow things down a little – to do something while not doing something, if you follow.

Relaxing Family Trips

Prepare to slow things down.

surfing in Hawaii, luxury vacations Hawaii

The sport of kings, Hawaii

In Hawaii, surfing has decidedly ancient roots. It was not just a sport, but a way of life. On the blissful beaches of Kauai, you’ll learn the art of “he’e nalu” (wave sliding) from a local master of the craft

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snorkelling in cenote, luxury vacation mexico

Snorkelling in cenotes, Mexico

Former sites of Mayan rituals, cenotes – ancient, subterranean sinkholes – make for unbelievable snorkelling. You’ll explore their secret depths, filled with shimmering pools and spiny stalactites.

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Bariloche lake, luxury vacations Argentina

A private island campout, Argentina

Bariloche is a place of sublime and extraordinary beauty. Arroyo Vinagre is an island nestled in its heart. You’ll camp out surrounded by the undiluted beauty of Argentina’s wilderness, with a private chef to keep you content.

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Aruba turtle

Turtle watching at Jumby Bay, Antigua

Every Friday night throughout the hatching season, hundreds of Hawksbill turtles make their skittering way from beach to ocean. You’ll patrol the beach with local conservation experts to watch the magic unfold

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New England

Sail the sound, USA

The rugged scoop of Nantucket’s coastline features 30 miles of beautiful views and ecological interests. You’ll set sail all along its wending course, spotting everything from lighthouses and forests to wildlife and historic houses.

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streets of village in Apulia, Luxury vacations Italy

By horseback through Apulia, Italy

Thronged with thousands of olive trees and limestone bluffs, the Apulian countryside is a place best experienced by horseback. On this Italy family vacation, we’ll plot your route through historic villages, rolling dunes and peaceful panoramas, the scent of the sea always filling your nose.

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Rays underwater in Maldives, Luxury vacations in the maldives

Marine biology in The Maldives, Malidives

If your family is fascinated by all things oceanic, they will adore this opportunity to join the Maldives Underwater Initiative for their marine biology program. They’ll provide the foundations and fundamentals for a lifetime of sea-worthy knowledge.

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Phang Nga Bay, Luxury vacations Thailand

Sail across Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

Prehistoric cave paintings, floating fishing villages, glittering grottos and sparkling lagoons. We’ll take you sailing through the blissful bay that Roger Moore made famous in The Man with the Golden Gun.

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Wolgan Valley

Campfire stargazing in the Wolgan Valley, Australia

We’ll take you for a spin out beneath the canopy of the Wolgan sky, the air filled with the call of Boobook’s and barn owls. By nightfall, you’ll gather round the fire to track the transit of galaxies and stars that wheel far overhead.

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