Bucket List Family Holidays


These family trips are once in a lifetime

Because bucket lists are made to be crossed off.

Now for the really big stuff. The things that will define you all for years to come. These legendary family vacations – monumental, once-in-a-lifetime – are about as epic as it gets. Put another way, these are the stories you’ll never tire of telling.

Legendary Family Trips

Let’s plan something big.

In the footsteps of Darwin, The Galápagos

Made famous by the world’s greatest naturalist, the 21 islands of the Galápagos – rugged, volcanic, and teeming with wildlife – are unlike anywhere else on earth. You’ll nip and dip through its coves and jungles. The islands are yours.

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Peru - Couples holidays

The path to Machu Picchu, Peru

The ‘city in the sky’ is world-renowned. Here, you’ll get a whole lot closer; joining up with Jean-Jacques Decoster, an expert on the Inca. Together, you’ll explore one of the most enduring archaeological sites ever discovered.

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Acropolis in Athens | Luxury Holidays in Greece

After hours at the Acropolis, Greece

Fifth century BCE was a long time ago. But the New Acropolis Museum brings it to life with extraordinary vividness. You’ll visit both, the ancient and the modern, enjoying a private tour through one of the world’s most significant sites.

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Dogsledding in Swedish Lapland

Meet Father Christmas, Finland

Thick snow underfoot. The crystalline clearness of the sky above. Travelling by reindeer sleigh, we’ll take you across the snows of Finnish Lapland to visit Saint Nick himself. It’s perfect, though we can’t, sadly, wrap it

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Pyramids og Giza, Luxury vacations Egypt

The secrets of the pyramids, Egypt

Ancient, towering monuments to rulers who were gods. The pyramids live up to their reputation, poignant and mysterious. Our guides will give you a fascinating tour through this ancient site, before visiting the 176,000 artefacts housed in the nearby Egyptian Museum.

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Great Migration of wildebeest, Kenya

The Great Migration, Kenya & Tanzania

What’s the sound of 1.5 million wildebeest charging across the dusty gold of the African savannah? Loud. The kind of sound you can feel. We’ll ensure you get a front-row seat for the greatest show on earth.

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jungle temple Angkor Wat, Luxury Vacations Cambodia

Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

This legendary temple dates to the days of the 12th c. Khmer Empire. Your guide will lead you through its intricately-carved hallways and evocative spaces, just in time for the sun to bathe it in sumptuous morning light

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Dive the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands, this legendary place represents the natural world at its most sublime. We’ll arrange for you to swim, sail, snorkel and explore some of its most spectacular spots.

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Cherry Blossom in Japan

Cherry Blossom in Japan, Japan

Each year, Japan is gripped by cherry blossom fever. This cloud of pink and white sweeps the nation from south to north. Festivals and celebrations throng to its explosive beauty and divine scent. We’ll lead you on a joyful dance through its culture and history.

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