Cultural Family Holidays


These are family trips about the stories we tell

As humans, we don’t simply live in the world – we shape it, tell stories about it, give it myths and legends.

These experiences will open your children’s eyes to the extraordinary diversity of the world around us, of how every village, valley, city and country has its own unique culture and history.

Cultural Family Trips

Immerse yourself in another world.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Luxury Vacations USA, Field Trip

Walk the history of the Civil Rights Movement, USA

Join a non-violent freedom fighter who worked alongside Dr Martin Luther King Jr on this eye-opening tour through the history and landscapes of the Civil Rights Movement.

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Cowboy horseback riding, luxury vacations

The way of the Gaucho , Argentina

We’ll give you an intimate introduction to traditional Gaucho culture, from historic silversmiths to the ‘pulperias’ that dot this beautiful colonial town. Expect Argentine BBQ, horseback riding, and antique carriage rides.

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London and Paris

The Changing of the Guards, England

We’ll take you behind the scenes at London’s Wellington Barracks to gain a rare, insider’s insight into this most emphatically British spectacle. Courtesy of the Guards Museum, you’ll also get to try on a soldier’s ceremonial uniform.

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Gladiator School, Field Trip, Luxury Vacations Italy

Spend a day in gladiator school, Italy

Bread and circuses, blood and sandals. The history of the gladiator offers a somewhat gruesome insight into the ancient Roman world. You’ll learn what it involved during this hands-on day at an authentic gladiator school.

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Your own personal Olympics, Greece

The first modern Olympic ceremony took place at the Panathenaic stadium in 1896. Today, it remains the finishing point for the legendary Marathon. Your family will compete in your own private Olympics, including a podium finish.

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Witness a living ritual with ancient roots, India

The Hindu ceremony of light, Aarti, is said to have descended from the Vedic tradition of fire rituals. You’ll experience this historic rite performed by sadhus (Hindu monks) and pujaris (attendants to the Deities).

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Maasai People, Luxury vacations Kenya,

Meet the Maasai, Kenya

In the majestic Maasai Mara, you’ll gain a personal introduction to the daily lives of the Maasai people, with stories, cooking, dances, beadwork and carving, all of it set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most resplendent landscapes.

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Eagle Hunting in Mongolia

The golden eagle festival, Mongolia

Dressed in colorful regalia, the participants of Mongolia’s Golden Eagle Festival compete over two fascinating days in the historic art of eagle hunting. You will have a front-row seat for the festivities, including horseback tug-o-war and camel racing.

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Ninja martial arts in Tokyo

The way of the ninja, Japan

Ninja, or shinobi, first appeared in Japan during the 15th century – masters of espionage, ambush and deception. You’ll learn the ins and outs of this historic discipline from one of the country’s most legendary sensei.

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