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Why should you go on a luxury tour of India with us?

We fell in love with it, somewhere between Ladakh and the crumbling red walls of Agra.

From the purple-tinted skies of the Himalayas to the brooding hilltop forts of Mehrangarh, India can seem like a lot. Many of our clients who express an interest in luxury India tours see it as the trip of a lifetime, though feel lost about where to start. Our solution? Forget booking this yourself, or running into the arms of a dispassionate operator. Our Travel Experts are genuinely (some would say obsessively) passionate about India and all it has to offer; whether that’s gasping over the mosaic Havelis of Udaipur or spotting a leopard while on safari in Rajasthan. Remember: all of our premium trips to India are made entirely bespoke, fitted to who you are and what you want to do.

Example India trips

These luxury India tours are simply suggestions for the kind of vacation you might have. Yours will be tailored, altered, and refined until it matches you completely.

What to see and do in India

Use the below as inspiration, then get in touch to inquire about your dream India vacation.


India is a country that has long excelled in opulence and grandeur. Take the Taj Mahal for example – one of the greatest architectural achievements in the world, crafted from pure white marble in the 1630s and continuing to stun the world today. Modernity is creeping into Indian culture, fusing the country’s history and spirituality with high-end boutique hotels and hand-crafted itineraries fit for royalty.


The reigning mountainscape of Mother Earth’s kingdom, the great Himalayas come second to none. High in the hills and surrounded by remote villages and colorful monasteries, a tailor-made tour through the region of Ladakh is cultural immersion through peaks and valleys, apricot orchards and restorative hotels, at it’s very finest. Recount recent histories with monks and take to the sky for a private helicopter journey over the tallest summits in the world with the insider guidance of our on-site experts.


In the course of India’s history, there has been a multitude of various dynasties, empires, and diverse governing religions. These transitions in history have shaped India into a fascinating, storied country and the intricate architecture native to India’s culture lives through its temples, palaces, and ashrams. Dive deep into Delhi, Agra, and Rajasthan for a behind the scenes look at India’s most elaborate palaces and beautiful buildings.

Ganga Aarti ceremony in Rishikesh

Stop and take a deep breath in Rishikesh. Not only the birthplace of yoga (according to the locals, at least), this northern city is the ideal base for visiting Swarg Ashram a little way up the Ganges. Only reachable by foot, at this traffic-free, clean-living retreat we’ll arrange a one-on-one appointment with an expert yogi who can perfect your form. After some relaxation, sit on the riverbank to watch a religious Hindu ritual of worship. The traditional Aarti ceremony sees a priest offering his blessings to those present using lamps and chants in praise of Mother Ganga.

Explore India's Pink City: Jaipur

India’s Pink City is an intoxicating mix of regal, salmon-coloured buildings, bustling bazaars, and the perfect balance of old and new. Foodies will love the contemporary cool of its buzzing Rajasthani restaurant, café, and bar culture while historians will lap up the awe-inspiring City Palace. The regal home of Jaipur’s royal family was built according to stunning Vastu design, with the traditional Indian architecture combining rich culture, nature and religion with scientific structure and symmetry. Inject harmony into your Jaipur break and retreat beyond the city’s walls, riding camel-back with a local guide through the golden sand dunes.

Navigate the backwaters of Kerala

Kerala is the ideal respite from India’s relentless subwaypolises. Calm palm-tree-lined lagoons, quiet rice paddy plains, and uncluttered golden beaches invite you to unwind. Remember to tread carefully and not disrupt the local wildlife when the Muithanga Game Reserve keepers take your party on a private trek. Wander in peace with the local elephants or spot sleeping sloth bears nestling among the trees. In the evening, enjoy a private moonlit dinner on the black-sand beach of Thiruvambadi.

Backstage Bollywood access

If you’re enthralled by the unique brand of magic produced by the Bollywood movie industry, allow us to pull some strings and arrange a backstage tour with exclusive access to the entire studio. Visit the film sets, play dress-up in costume departments, and even try your hand at recreating a song and dance routine with the actors of a recent blockbuster.

Watch the sun rise over the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal never disappoints. Make an early start and see the magnificent marble without the masses at sunrise. Journey through the fascinating wonder of the world with a private guide, discovering the history behind the 17th century mausoleum, built by Emperor Shah Jahal as a way of demonstrating the eternal love he held for his wife.

Explore India's Blue City: Jodhpur

Named after the color of the painted buildings sweeping across the old town, discover the Blue City like nothing else with an exclusive evening at the Mehrangarh Fort. Watch the city from above as the sun sets, casting enchanting color over the sea of sapphire-coloured homes and slowly wander around the impressive grounds. Finish the evening with a romantic dinner and glass of champagne served by a team of local chefs.

The best of India

The Golden Triangle

Experience the three most-visited cities in India – and see them from a fresh angle.

They’re popular for a reason, the cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Named ‘Golden’ for the immense richness of culture, history and wealth within them, we recommend that clients experience a little bit of each; with Agra, the former capital of the Moghul Empire (crumbling and stately); Delhi, with its unstoppable modern energy; or Jaipur, the desert capital of Rajasthan – famed for having the best bazaars in the country. We’ll ensure your guides are local insiders – from dawn to dusk.

The Himalayas

Purple, white, black – and the largest mountain range in the world.

For us, there are many ways to experience the Himalayas. To hike to the base-camp of Everest, stopping off at tea houses as you slowly acclimate to the rarified air. We prefer, however, the tranquil spirituality of Ladakh; a region with very few tourists and extremely traditional (albeit welcoming) villagers. Our local guides are villagers themselves and will introduce you to mountain scenery, Ladakhi cooking, and the monasteries of Phyang.


From desert and island to the iconic Blue City.

Frequently, Rajasthan has topped our lists of India’s most fascinating regions. In Jawai you can trek and head out on safari in search of majestic tigers and elusive leopards. Across the deserts of Jaisalmer, you can travel by camel and study the historic Havelis of this historic city. In Jodhpur – the beautiful Blue City – you can stay at some of the country’s most regal Moghul-era hotels, such as the splendid Raas. It’s a lot. Gladly.

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

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The Ananda, Himalayas

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Sher Bagh, Ranthambore National Park

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