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Why should you travel to Hungary with us?

A country as diverse as it is beautiful, Hungary never ceases to amaze us. Cities steeped in history and clad in antiquated charm, countrysides full of folklore and a developing cuisine that commands attention; on a luxury vacation in Hungary, ease into life in this most unpretentious of destinations. A unique blend of east meets west which permeates through every aspect of its culture, it really is something quite extraordinary.

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What to see and do in Hungary


Sitting plump in the center of Europe, Hungary has been a historical confluence of regimes and styles. Its rolling countryside is festooned with fairytale castles and gothic manses, while its capital – bustling, boisterous Budapest – plays home to the region’s best nightlife and some of the most luxurious hotels in Europe, making it an endlessly surprising destination for your next lxurury European vacation.


Hugging the banks of the blue Danube, Budapest offers up a storied history, trailblazing cuisine, opulent architecture, and some of the best bars and eateries this side of the Hacienda. Fit for undiscovered fun and restorative luxury, the city’s urban patchwork incorporates its Warsaw-Pact, Soviet heritage – including its House of Terror Museum, or Terror Háza Múzeum -, Ottaman opulence, and Austro-Hungarian classicism.


The city has devised some truly imaginative solutions to its disused and unfilled urban spaces. Romkocsma, or ‘ruin bars,’ are the name of its many atmospheric and often wild late-night spaces – perfect for a night-cap among faded graffiti and blushing neon on a warm summer night. If you fancy something finer, the city also has a bustling hand in haute cuisine, including Costes – the first restaurant in the city to be awarded a prestigious Michelin star. World-class luxury rubs shoulders with subway revelry.


Budapest is – properly speaking – two cities blurred into one. The Danube is the dividing line between the hilly, historic Buda and the thriving, bustling subwaypolis of Pest. Join a private guide on a tour from the opulent and decorative castle down, across the famous Chain Bridge, and on to the splendour of the nation’s parliament (its red roof and piercing white towers cutting into the sky), and the jam-packed nest of artisanal eateries, beguiling bars, and boisterous contemporary art galleries. The Budapest Art Factory – a massive, modern art gallery – dominates the river, while little Varfok Gallery gives an insight into the live-wire of Hungarian contemporary art.

The best of Hungary

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