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Wild, untamed and home to 5% of the world’s wildlife. Madagascar truly is an out of Africa experience.

Littered with avenues of baobab trees, prancing lemurs and misty mountains, Madagascar is a land ruled by nature. So, it comes as no surprise that Sir David Attenborough dedicated an entire series to it. Taking you deep into the heart of Madagascar’s luscious rainforest, our guides will lead you on nocturnal drives to spot devilish leaf-tailed geckos, ring-tailed lemurs and Malagasy giant chameleons dancing on into the night. There are few places in the world that offer such biodiversity as Madagascar does, and whilst widely untouched by tourism, our tailormade vacations to Madagascar will open your eyes to the unknown.

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What to see and do in Madagascar

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You’ve probably eaten Madagascan vanilla, at some point in your life. This delicate, fresh, and frankly addictive flavor sums up its native country pretty well. Beneath the baobab trees and at the gentle shores of the Indian ocean, you’ll experience a country that David Attenborough dedicated an entire series to, which says a lot about its ‘megadiverse’ wildlife and its appeal. Strange that it has such low tourist numbers. Their loss is your gain.


The world’s fourth largest island has a lot to offer, assuming you’re up for buckets of tranquility. FA private guide will whisk you away to the Maison Gallieni, to explore the busy and colorful streets of Antananarivo. Your next step? A deep, long drive to the amazing Andasibe National Park, where your tour will bring you face to face with the island’s unforgettable lemurs. Keep your camera ready.


It should come as no surprise that Madagascar is home to some of the region’s most spectacular and relaxing hotels. The privacy of the Virunga Lodge offers a restful repose over the glassy, refreshing waters of lake Virunga, while the extremely exclusive Constance Tsarabanjina hotel – reachable by traditional Malagasy boat – will bring you to the beaches where the Green Turtles hang. In a word, amazing.


With its deserted beaches, peculiar baobab trees, and laidback lifestyle, Madagascar is an ideal spot for a romantic honeymoon far from the madding crowds. Low tourism numbers mean that you can enjoy a genuinely unhurried, intimate retreat from it all. Heading up into the Mantadia Park will bring you and your SO face-to-face with hundreds of species of birds, lemurs, and amphibians, in what is affectionately known as the kingdom of the orchids.

The best of Madagascar


Weave your way through the forest of knives.

Tsingy: the Malagasy word for ‘walking on tiptoes’. Holding the title as one of the most difficult-to-reach UNESCO World Heritage Sites, we’ll show you the impressive limestone towers of Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. Featuring knife-edged peaks, wet caves and slot canyons, this area has become a refuge for a variety of species, including the beautiful long-legged lemur. Accompanied by one of our adventure guides in Madagascar, you’ll pass through this alien landscape via ladders and suspension bridges.


A tranquil oasis off the north-east coast.

With no roads leading to the private peninsula of Anjajavy, the only way in is via private plane. And what’s here? A 550-hectare reserve scattered with endemic, endangered species, seven beautiful creeks and plenty of sandy shores to relax on. At Anjajavy Le Lodge, settle into your rosewood villa as you swing on a hammock with the Mozambique Channel as your television before dining by candlelight on the pristine beach.

Isalo National Park

Madagascar’s very own Grand Canyon.

Covering over 80,000 hectares, the rocky landscape of Isalo National Park is one of the most visited in the country. Filled with eroded sandstone towers, deep canyons, gorges and lush vegetation, there’s more than enough space to free your adventurous side with hikes and climbs. Guided by a local historian, you’ll discover the hidden burial sites of the Bara tribe, before searching for red-fronted lemurs leaping by.

Constance Tsarabanjina, Madagascar

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Time + Tide Miavana

Unbeknownst to most, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and is home to a staggering 90% of extraordinary plant and wildlife that's found…
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Anjajavy Le Lodge

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