Luxury Vacations & Honeymoons in Papua New Guinea

Far from the realms of an everyday vacation, a tailormade vacation to Papua New Guinea offers a travel experience where none of the norms apply. Undoubtedly one of the world’s last remaining frontiers, lift the lid on the mysterious and the exotic as you dive into the unknown to discover a land that time forgot. The intrepid will feel at home here, in a land unchanged by time.

What to see and do in Papua New Guinea


For those wanting to go truly off grid, and into the great unknown, Papua New Guinea – an excitingly enigmatic country of pig feast festivals, emerald greenery, and 700 distinct cultural groups – is high on the Black Tomato bucket list. Let us take you to the depths of the Southern Highlands, an area rarely visited by westerners. Under the shadow of Mount Bosavi, you’ll strike off into the uncharted wilderness of the Kosua Tribe – hunting, gathering, and getting to grips with a more traditional way of life. And that is only the beginning.


On a private tour to Papua New Guinea, we’ll lead you deep into its mesmerizing heartland. But this is no ‘Heart of Darkness.’ You’ll be accompanied by expert guides and will meet friendly and informative locals who will introduce you to a way of life largely untouched by the capricious technologies and social mores of everyday Western life. Hunt for giant crocodiles using bow and arrow; watch the Spirit Dance in Panga Village; and hike glorious mount Kunumb.


Your journey to Papua New Guinea won’t be ‘about’ traditional hotels – and that’s the charm. After getting your bearings in Port Moresby, your gateway to the wilderness, you’ll experience comfort and tradition in local guesthouses set amidst the Southern Highlands. This is about bringing you as safely and as closely to the Papua New Guinea way of life as possible.


For those seeking experiences over beaches – though Papua New Guinea has those in abundance – a luxury honeymoon to this mesmerizing area will provide you with the story of a lifetime. You’ll strike camp together, hunt together, and participate in local tribal life together. This is romance, the primeval way.

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