Luxury Vacations & Honeymoons in Austria

Why should you travel to Austria with us?

Come for the landscapes, stay for the cities and return for a combination of both. A luxury vacation in Austria offers a melting pot of beauty and culture that always catches us off-guard. Clad in cobbles, fringed with architectural brilliance and dearly holding onto tradition, Vienna adds panache to everything it touches. Beyond the capital, natural beauty takes center stage doing enough to make you emigrate.

What to see and do in Austria


Where the sachertorte is rich and bitter, and the white Alps scratch the sky itself, Austria – home to mirror-seeming lakes and the outrageously fun winter krampus festival – is, despite its genteel appearance, a really very surprising country. The country’s most memorable author, Thomas Bernhardt, was often quite glum about modern life – but he did opine on the preference for living a ‘real’ life. Well, a trip to Austria will certainly give you the tools to experience the highest peaks, the richest culture, and the most comforting of foods. And that’ll take you some way toward the real.


You might have heard – over the dinner party plates or at a private view – how vivid Vienna has displaced many other European cities as being more progressive, more cultured, and more fun. And they’re not wrong. A private walking tour of this elegant and radical city will give you a chance to drink in traditional Viennese coffee at the Cafe Central, wander the grand Hofburg Palace, and learn about the impressive Karl Marx Hof – a beautiful behemoth of a building which was built as radical social housing by Karl Ehn in 1930, and functioned as a stronghold for anti-fascists during the 1934 Austrian Civil War.


Naturally, naturlich, Austria has much imperial grandeur to its architecture – meaning that many of the country’s best luxury hotels are served up with true, old-world glamor. So, whether you stay in regal Hotel Sacher (you know, it gave the name to the desert), or the fairy-tale environs of the dreamy Schloss Fuschl in pretty Salzburg, you won’t go amiss.


High alpine peaks, crystal clear lakes, glamorous comfort and cultivated culture make for one hefty punch. But they are also the makings of an elegant and edifying luxury honeymoon. Comforting food and breathtaking hikes up into scintillating Salzburg, and sampling the bar life in buzzing Vienna, will make sure that Austria lingers long in the memory.

The best of Austria

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