Luxury Vacations & Honeymoons in Bolivia

Why should you travel to Bolivia with us?

Home to a sky-high capital city and epic lunar landscapes; nowhere appeals to our adventurous spirit quite like Bolivia.

Home to otherworldly landscapes, historic legacies and a wondrous cultural diversity, a visit to Bolivia always gets our heart pounding. Adventure lurks around every corner, from climbing vast Andean peaks and tracking dinosaur footprints at Cal Orko, to camping out in secluded domes on the world’s largest salt flats.  Whether it’s discovering rare birds in the Amazon or unearthing local traditions in Sucre; experience the sheer wonder of it all as you dive headfirst into a cultural diversity so vibrant it will make your head spin. Come with us on a tailormade vacation to Bolivia.

What to see and do in Bolivia

As ever, if you can’t see it here then we can still plan it for you.


Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat. The footprint of a dried-up prehistoric lake, it is emblematic of the stark grandeur and inter-planetary vibe of Bolivia. The pink flamingos who flock here, sharp against the immensity of white, would say the same – could they talk. From the brown-red rooftops of Potosi – a mountainous town with the highest glass of beer in the world – to the faded memorabilia to Che Guevara, who called this country his home until his death in 1967. You can walk the Che Trail from the pretty colonial town of Samaipata. You can walk the white-washed streets and houses of sweet Sucre.


From the exaggeratedly refined to the unexpected, the luxury hotels of Bolivia – like the country itself – defy easy classification, but leave you beyond fulfilled. There’s La Paz, with its ultra-modern palaces to five star refinement, or the luxurious eco-pods of the Bolivian salt flats. We’ll set up magnificent Blink camps wherever your heart desires.


Join Bolivia’s high society with a luxury private tour that runs and rambles from its vertiginous cities and colonial, brown-stone towns to its mist-shrouded jungles and otherworldly flats. Personally, we find the urban gondolas of El Alto to be irresistible, eyeing up the many architectural marvels of indigenous Aymara architect Freddy Mamani Silvestre, who has created some seventy structures in this unusual city. Often commissioned by the city’s nouveau riche, their fabulous and seemingly fictitious styles combine dazzling stylistic motifs with swimming pools and gaudy chandeliers.


For a high-flying luxury honeymoon, Bolivia is a no-brainer. There’s something exquisitely romantic about leaving solar, vibrant La Paz and heading together to the immense and beautiful stillness of the nation’s salt flats. Perhaps it has something to do with the clarity, and your proximity to the stars. Perhaps.

The best of Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni

White salt, pink flamingos and cactus islands.

Emblematic to the grandeur and inter-planetary vibe of this South American country, Salar de Uyuni is one of the world’s most iconic natural landscapes. Blanketing a vast 12,000 square kilometres, this prehistoric salt-lake once covered most of southwest Bolivia and features breathtakingly beautiful views. Play with perspective as these snow-white flats act as the perfect white canvas. In the evenings, hunker down in an exclusive, futuristic dome at Kachi Lodge, where you’ll enjoy seclusion and 360-degree views.

Lake Titicaca

Deep-blue waters, ancient histories and adventure awaits.

A trip to Bolivia would be incomplete without visiting the shores of the world’s highest navigable lake and the communities that call this place home. Famed for its panoramic setting, ancient legacies and unbounded nature, Lake Titicaca has much to offer. Spend the daylight hours paddling from island to island on a kayak and as the sun sets, return to Titilaka Lodge to watch on from the veranda.

La Paz

Take to the skies in Bolivia’s capital.

Whether it’s a private food tour with renowned Celebrity Chef, Marko Bonifaz, or walking through the colonial center with renowned artist Mamani Mamani, our guides on the ground will show you the best of La Paz. Leave the rainforest behind and walk through this urban jungle – or take the cable car higher – where a vibrant energy and electric nightlife fills the city’s streets daily.

Atix Hotel, La Paz

Translating as 'the one who thrives' in Quechua, Atix Hotel has burst onto La Paz's cultural scene and is set to stay. A boutique hotel…
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