Luxury Vacations & Honeymoons in Israel

Why should you travel to Israel with us?

Historic, humbling and thought-provoking. Israel beckons the most curious of travelers to explore this captivating country.

From the hypnotic Negev desert to the urban bustle of Tel Aviv, it’s time to delve into this warm and cultured country. It’s here that ancient archaeological sites date back far beyond biblical times and the bustle of vibrant cities pave the way for its thriving modern culture. Taste the rich wines of Galilee, experience ancient coffee rituals with the locals and float on the crystal water of the Dead Sea. Our expert private guides bring you the best in culture, history and adventure that reaches far beyond the guidebook.

Example Israel trips

These are simply suggestions for the kind of vacation you might have. Yours will be tailored, altered, and refined until it matches you completely.

What to see and do in Israel

As ever, if you can’t see it here then we can still plan it for you.

Float along the Dead Sea

One of the world’s most extraordinary natural sites, sitting at 432m below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth. Heal your body and soul as you float in the turquoise lake’s mineral-rich waters and pamper yourself with health remedies and natural beauty treatments at one of the area’s well-renowned mineral spas. Although, the Dead Sea isn’t the only attraction in the area. Ein Gedi Nature Reserve’s spring-fed canyons and freshwater pools are well-worth a visit, and Masada National Park’s spectacular views and archeological ruins peppered in a dark, spine-tingling history is unmissable.

Cool off at Ein Gedi Desert Oasis

Ein Gedi, translating to spring of the kid (young goat)’ in Hebrew, is one of Israel’s most magical desert oases and a breath of fresh, fragrant air. And we’ve found the perfect family-friendly Nahale Davide trail for you to venture out on. Guided by one of our experts, you’ll pass beautiful vistas, cascading waterfalls and get the opportunities to bathe in the fresh-water pools below. Giving life to palm trees, bulrushes and all kinds of tropical plant life, be sure to keep an eye out for hyraxes, ibexes and native bird species along the way.

An adventure to Ramon Crater

Aboard your jeep in the depths of the Negev Desert, you’ll embark on a journey to the edge of the Ramon Machtesh, crossing the Machtesh floor and stopping for shade among the Acacia trees. Surrounded by some of the most dramatic scenery in Israel, our experienced rappelling instructor will soon get you up to speed on the heart pumping activity on offer. After safely abseiling down the mighty Mitzpe Ramon, it’s time to dine out on a banquet of delicious foods in the serene desert below.

The best of Israel


Lose yourself in a world of culture amongst the ancient, winding streets of Jerusalem.

Home to multiple faiths and cultures, Jerusalem is like nowhere else in the world. With us, embark on a fascinating journey through the Old City as you explore the beautiful City of David, witness prayer at the sacred Kotel (Western Wall), wander the world’s holiest Jewish site, and experience the scents of spice, coffee and incense that linger in the streets. Yiscar Harani, our resident expert on religious affairs in the Holy Land, will give you an in-depth history lesson in the sanctity of Jerusalem throughout time.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s energy and youthful spirit is a refreshing contrast to Jerusalem’s rich ancient past.

Rooted in innovation and creativity, the city greatly underpins Israel’s passion for entrepreneurship. Within a stone’s throw of the stretch of golden Mediterranean beach are streets filled with lively restaurants and bars that thrive from dusk ‘til dawn. We’ll take you on a culinary tour through Carmel Market and guide you through cutting-edge theaters as you amble through the White City. By night, our specialist night owl with reveal the undiscovered nightlife Tel Aviv has to offer.

The Negev Desert

Many are surprised to hear of the life that thrives within a desert landscape – but half of Israel is occupied by the Negev Desert.

A vast, enchanting land, abundant in colorful plains, valleys and mountainous settings, you won’t be shy of ways to experience this mysterious world. From sandboarding down its steep dunes and stargazing at Makhtesh Ramon Crater, to visiting the ancient village of Shivta and trying out pita baking workshops. Unique stories continue to unfold as our local guides cruise you along the dunes in a thrilling 4×4 experience.

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