Luxury Vacations & Honeymoons in Grenada

Why should you travel to Grenada with us?

You need only step onto the powder soft shores, close your eyes and inhale the sweet scent of air laced with sea-salt, nutmeg and mace to know that you have arrived in Grenada. A place where miles of untouched beaches run into thick virgin rainforest, we can’t help but channel our need to explore here. Hiking to secret waterfalls, dining with locals at Gouyave; a luxury vacation in Grenada is a whole new Caribbean.

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What to see and do in Grenada


Life on Grenada is spice and easy. This is a joke or play on words because the island is colloquially known as the ‘spice island.’ Along the Grand Anse Beach – a two-mile smile of perfect talcum sand – are fishermen, basket weavers, walkers, drinking up the early morning light among tousled palms and well-rooted almond trees. Measuring some 12 by 21 miles, the island – a chunk of bright, beautiful beach and virgin rainforest – is notorious for being a sort of living, breathing spice cupboard. Just strolling along the earth you will pass cinnamon, ginger, bay, mace, nutmeg, cloves. Ironically, all very wintery flavors. We’re not sure what to make of that.


Because this is the spice island, you’re going to want to experience a real mixture of what slow-mo life on Grenada has to offer (see what we did there?) Our private tours will deliver the goods. Charter a boat. Sample the infinity pools. Go diving. Go inland to the island’s cocoa plantations, or drink up in the River Antoine rum distillery.


Of course, Grenada’s luxury hotels don’t fail to disappoint – once you adjust (gladly, happily) to true island time. What might seem, at first, disruptive, turns out to be wholesomely appealing. Just throw your watch in the ocean and savor the architecturally arresting hill-side, jungle-cuddled Mount Hartman Bay hoiel, or the water-side dream-boat of hotel Laluna (designed by Giorgio Armani’s villa interior designer, no less).


Getting to grips with Grenada’s spicy, slow-mo lifestyle is the whole point. It makes for warm, enveloping relaxation. A perfect way to undertake your honeymoon? Yes, of course. Knock back fresh ginger cocktails on water-side sun loungers. Plunge into the marvellous reefs and waters. Enjoy the welcome warmth of a luxury accented with rustic charm.

The best of Grenada

Mount Hartman Bay

In this hotel exclusivity is guaranteed.  With just eight suites you won’t feel like just another guest, you’ll be part of the family. It boasts…
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LaLuna, designed by Giorgio Armani's villa interior designer, combines the chic rustic style of a tropical getaway with designer luxury. Its tiki wooden floors, thatched…
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