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Why should you go on a tour of Mongolia with us?

Tucked up in the northernmost corner of Asia and cocooned by the highlands of China and the Siberian plains of Russia, Mongolia has always embodied a sense of intrigue. Here is a place where no matter where you go, you are guaranteed to be off-the-beaten-track as you venture into places so remote that even Google can’t find them. A tailormade vacation in Mongolia is the ultimate reset.

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What to see and do in Mongolia


Nestled, without ocean border, between Russia and China, this vast and sparsely populated country – of Genghis Khan’s 1206 Mongol Empire and the post-1921 autonomy stewarded by Damdin Sukhbaatar – has, since 1990, opened its doors to inquisitive travelers who come in search of its dramatic landscapes, authentic culture, and vibrant capital city, Ulaanbaatar. From Khoomei (traditional throat singing) and the unexpected combination of bay leaves and cardamom in its slow-grilled meats, to the rolling steppe and the Siberian cedars that crest its sombre mountains, Mongolia is excitingly poised between worlds and cultures.


Mongolia can seem perplexing, and wild, and beautifully different to those visiting the first – or even third, or fifth – time. Its culture is patient, yet marked by the differing cultural eras that have swept over its lands. This is why its mesmerising capital features everything from Yurts and temples to communist-era statues. Private tours are the best way to experience Mongolia, where you can wander the amazing galleries and museums of its Baga Toirog district, or sample a mixture of its unknown Altai restaurants and exceptional North Indian cuisine. The design cues can tend toward the opulent, with curtains, gold and wall-hangings setting the scene for an unforgettable meal.


On our immersive vacations to Mongolia, your stay can range from luxury hotels with ultra-modern conveniences to traditional yurts studded on the rolling steppe, or overlooking the stately bulk of the country’s Altai mountains. Ever popular is Ulaanbaatar’s Shangri-La, located right in the center of this thriving city. Blending contemporary chic with Mongolian panache, your room may overlook the impressive Sükhbaatar Square itself.


For honeymoons in Mongolia – not, admittedly, the first and most obvious choice – there are a surprising number of ways to have it your own way, ditching the sugar-white beaches and palm fronds for eagle adventures with nomads and stirring horse rides into the foothills of the awe-inspiring Altai mountains.

The best of Mongolia

Shangri-La Hotel, Ulaanbaatar

For the upmost luxury Ulaanbaatar has to offer there is simply no option other than the Shangri-La Hotel. Your smack-bang in the centre of town…
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Terelj Hotel, Mongolia

The Terelj Hotel is nestled in Mongolia’s most carefully protected estate near the birthplace of Genghis Khan, the military founder of the Great Mongol Empire.…
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