Luxury Vacations & Honeymoons in Georgia

Why should you travel to Georgia with us?

Millennia of history have shaped the culture, faith – even the wine and cuisine – of enchanting Georgia.

Framed by the craggy Caucasus Mountains, Georgia – from Black Sea to the frontier of Azerbaijan – is a fascinating combination of historic Orthodox chapels, buzzing urban bliss, and out-of-this-world cuisine. Get a taste for khachapuri in Tblisi, and don’t forget the abundant winelands of Signani. Our expert guides like Ana and Nino will help you dive deep beneath the surface of a country whose stories are as deeply entrenched as its ancient grapevines.

Example Georgia trips

These are simply suggestions for the kind of vacation you might have. Yours will be tailored, altered, and refined until it matches you completely.

What to see and do in Georgia

As ever, if you can’t see it here then we can still plan it for you.


The world’s oldest Christian nation, and one third of the melting pot of the Caucasus, Georgia combines rarefied mountain heights and tiny, spectacular churches of gold with an adventurous cultural scene and youthful, post-Soviet vigour. The food is out of this world (we still have memories of salty khachapuri and satisfying Signagi wines). The history is ancient and startlingly new. The landscapes are breathtaking. What’s not to like?


In a country of curved, rose-red domes and Byzantine arches; slumbering Brutalist hulks; and beaux artes iron balconies, the spaces and places of Georgia—not to mention the great beauty of the Caucasus Mountains—offer the ideal conditions for an eye-opening, flavorsome, and culturally packed private tour. Travel over the Black Sea from eye-opening Istanbul, through the urban kaleidoscope of Tbilisi, and on to the 7000ft high mountain churches of Gergeti Tsminda Sameba. And then, from a world of permafrost and bulky glaciers, descend toward Georgia’s much-spoken-about wine regions.


With its world-renowned wine and mouth-watering food, Georgia doesn’t disappoint when it comes to luxury hotels. Expect urban coolness in Tbilisi and heady, laid-back vibes in the wine region around sultry Signagi. Think glass-bottomed pools; showstopping design; world-class comfort; and the region’s most attentive service.


For such a small country, Georgia carries a hefty punch; of sub-tropical coastline, rearing mountains, and culturally savvy towns and cities. Soviet-era history stands cheek-by-jowl with ancient churches and ultra-modern new museums and amenities. For a honeymoon draped in food, culture, landscape and wine, Georgia should be high on your list.

The best of Georgia


Hugged by the mountains and overlooked by the hilltop Narikala Fortress.

Your first introduction to the sights, smell and taste of the nation’s alluring capital will start with a private walking tour through the Old Town, discovering the architecture and churches that have withstood throughout time as civilizations changed. Savor Khachapuri during a gastronomy tour of the city and enjoy folklore performances with a bottle of Georgian wine before retreating to one of our favorite city stays at Stamba Hotel.


The birthplace of Georgian wine.

With the sprawling vineyards of the Kakheti region dating back to fifth millennium BC, it’s no wonder that Georgians are master wine producers to this day. Whilst in autumn, you can get involved in the harvest with picking grapes and witnessing the process of cultivation, every day of the year you can expect to be invited in to enjoy a glass of Tsinandali with the locals. You’ll meet with a professional sommelier called Tamar for a private wine tasting session in the hilltop town of Signagi and learn all about ancient Georgian wine making techniques using Kvevri.

Kazbegi District

Ancient hilltop monasteries and snow-capped mountains.

The rugged Caucasus Mountains are simply unmissable during your visit to Georgia. Spreading from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea, the vistas are out of this world. But knowing the best hikes and viewpoints calls for the expertise of our local guides we’ve spent years getting to know. We’ll take you on a guided hike up to Gergeti Trinity Church at an elevation of 7,120 feet. Built in the 14th century and sitting under Mount Kazbek, this beautifully remote cross-cupola church has quickly become one of Georgia’s most iconic sights.

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