Luxury Vacations & Honeymoons in Denmark

For us, a luxury vacation in Denmark is not just about innovative culinary creations, fairytale countrysides or charming city harbors; it is about the art of being Danish. Whether it’s their reputation as the happiest people on the planet or the irresistible social nirvana that is ‘hygge’, the Danes have a knack for the friendly and the welcoming. Embrace it all and join us in falling head over heels for Denmark.

What to see and do in Denmark


We’d recommend disregarding Hamlet’s claim that “something is sick in the kingdom of Denmark.” Trend-setting, design-conscious, and a food-lover’s dream, this Scandinavean country has cornered the market in cultured comfort. It even has a word for it – hygge.


A darling of Instagram, the old harbor area of Copenhagen – Nyhavn – is thick with cozy eateries and laid-back cafes, offering a solid launch pad from which to roam across the (easily traversable) city as part of a private tour. Whether exploring the surreal public park of Superkilen in trendy Nørrebro, or gazing up at the monumental tracery of the truly arresting Grundtvigs Church, a gothic cathedral which was completed in 1940, the city exudes an atmosphere of confidence and style.


For those rediscovering the stylish material simplicity of mid-century Scandinavean design, Copenhagen is a genuine treat, and its mark can be traced across the city as part of a luxury private tour. The city’s Design Museum plays host to everything from themed, temporary exhibitions to a beautiful permanent collection of design classics – whether you’re a fan of the Wishbone chair or the Egg. It’s no surprise that Copenhagen’s hotels are hotbeds for enviable design.

The best of Denmark

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Hotel Sanders, Copenhagen

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