Hotel Føroyar, Faroe Islands

When you think of Denmark, it’s easy just to think of chic Copenhagen. But Denmark has so much more to offer, and it offers it up in the form of the Faroe Islands. Though technically a country in their own right, this rustic archipelago remains part of the Kingdom of Denmark and is the perfect antidote to city life. A stay at Hotel Føroyar in the Faroese capital of Tórshavn is guaranteed to bring a true sense of peace as you look out over mesmerising landscapes. Featuring 106 rooms wrapped up under grass roofs and the sea never more than five kilometres away, you will feel closer to nature than ever before.


Somewhere in the chilly waters between Scotland and Iceland, the Faroe Islands are a real retreat to the wilderness. Accessible by a two-hour flight from Copenhagen, you’ll fly into Vágar, one of 18 islands that make up this rugged archipelago. From here, it’s a 40-minute drive to the hotel in a scenic transfer like no other. Wind your way through the dramatic landscapes of these mystical islands and dive underwater across the Vestmanna Sound to arrive onto Streymoy – the largest island in Faroe and home to Hotel Føroyar. Camouflaged into the grassy hills, you’ll hardly notice this quirky hotel with its privileged position overlooking the town and beautiful harbor of Tórshavn. With so many spectacular sights within reach, Hotel Føroyar is a great base for your island adventures.

Your Room

Hotel Føroyar is a showcase of Faroese design, with modern rooms furnished in neutral colors that allow nature to do the talking. And it doesn’t just talk – it shouts. All 106 rooms at this design hotel boast huge windows which offer panoramic views of Tórshavn and the neighboring island of Nólsoy. Perfect for watching the ever-changing weather fronts roll in and out. Aside from a hearty dose of the elements, these bright and airy rooms, of course, come with all the everyday mod-cons such as flat-screen TVs and WiFi.

Why we like it

A stay at Hotel Føroyar really does put the rugged beauty of the Faroe Islands right at your fingertips. Far removed from modern life, the Faroese culture is a charming one and there’s no better place to experience it than in rural villages such as Saksun and Gjógv. Or, for a heady mix of history and fables, stroll the quaint streets of Tórshavn and check out the old town of Tinganes. But if adventure is more your thing, then the rolling hills of these majestic islands, swirling with salty sea air, are perfect for hiking. Foodies won’t be left wanting either as this remote little archipelago has also got in on the Scandi cuisine game. And not only are they in on it – they’re at the top of it. The Faroese shores boast some of Scandinavia’s best restaurants, with its lamb dishes being a real delicacy.

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