Jordan: The Historian

Landing in Jordan’s capital of Amman, you’ll collect your bags before embarking on your private transfer to a luxury hotel in the heart of the city (for more information on luxury hotels in Amman, click here). With an evening at your disposal before your Jordanian adventure really gets under way, we’d recommend you take some time to explore the wonders of Rainbow Street. Brimming with bars, authentic cafes and some fascinating galleries, a jaunt along this part of Amman will prove to be a great introduction to the diversities of this middle-eastern jewel.


After a comfortable sleep and a leisurely breakfast, it’s time for your transfer to Jerash, one of Jordan’s most ancient offerings that’s often cited as the best-preserved Roman city on earth. You’ll feel as though you’ve genuinely stepped back in time as you wander beneath Hadrian’s Arch and ponder the incredible architecture that has managed to withstand the passing of centuries. The ruins here date back around 2000 years and were once home to tens of thousands of inhabitants. To help you visualise what life was like here so many thousands of years ago, the visitor’s centre has some drawings on display that transform the quiet streets into hubs of activity. The Oval Plaza and the 56 columns that surround it are a particular highlight whilst Colonnaded Street still has its original paving stones and will send your imagination into overdrive.

Take a day to explore the history here and discover the contrast that new Jerash offers. Then, as the sun begins to set on yet another day in this historic destination, your car will return to take you back to Amman for one last night.

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It’s time to leave the capital behind and encounter Jordan’s sleepier towns and epic landscapes. En route to the small town of Madaba we’ll stop off for a quick tour of Mount Nebo. An area of huge religious and historic importance, Mount Nebo is purported to be the place that Moses first laid eyes on the Promised Land. Whether you’re religious or an atheist, the importance of this site will be sure to pique your interest.

From there it’s on to Madaba, where you’ll stop once more to delve into the area’s religious history. Home to the church of St George, which lays claim to a 6th Century map of the Holy Land; this building continue to be a point of interest for historians and sociologists the world over.

Had your fill of Madaba? Then it’s back in the car to enjoy your final stop at Shobak, a well preserved crusader castle, before continuing on to Wadi Musa, the home of the iconic Petra.


Once you’ve checked into your accommodation, its back out to enjoy Petra by Night. This is an experience that will see you wandering in silence by candlelight through the Siq towards the famed treasury façade. At this point you’ll settle down to listen to musical performances by people that have inhabited the rocky monuments before you for centuries. As the music comes to a close, head back to your hotel to prepare yourself for the wonders of Petra by daylight.

By day, Petra, the world’s largest archaeological site (it covers around 100 square kilometres) will be a trek to remember. With your private guide close at hand to lead you through this mammoth area, you’ll wonder at the mystery that surrounds each of the structures. You see, not much is known about the Nabatean people that constructed these special monuments, making Petra a beautiful yet historically impenetrable part of the world.

The day after your wanderings through Petra, we’ll have you transported to the edge of the Wadi Rum for some desert explorations. Climbing aboard your trust steed (in this case, a camel), your hour long trek to a secluded camp will begin. Upon arrival, settle into your tent and explore the camp before readying yourself for the excitement of a jeep safari that will take you to ancient petroglyphs and out to spend some time with local Bedouin communities. Then, as night falls, enjoy an authentic meal beneath an unbelievably starry sky.


It’s been a busy few days and we’re sure you’ll be looking forward to a spot of relaxation, so a day at the Dead Sea will provide you with the perfect end to your trip. Go straight out into the water to experience the unusual sensation of floating at the surface before coming back to shore to enjoy some iconic spa treatments to ready yourself for your return to the modern world.

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