Desert discoveries in Jordan

From the hustle and bustle of its humming capital city Amman, to the soothing silence of the deserts and their century-old nomadic tribes, Jordan is truly the land for today’s intrepid adventurer. On this eight night luxury holiday you’ll discover the spectacular and mysterious site of Petra, as well as experience staying at a luxury Bedouin camp at the foot of the breath-taking Wadi Rum Valley. In true Black Tomato style we want to show you the unique personality of Jordan: a fascinating country and a melting pot of history and culture, where modern life and century old tradition live side by side. Follow our lead and we’ll take you on a tailor-made tour of Jordan that will leave you with a real taste of the country. So what are you waiting for?


Begin your epic luxury holiday adventure by arriving at the Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan’s bustling capital city. The city is famed for its stark contrasts of ancient monuments and modern skyscrapers, in what is a thriving and buzzing capital city. Here you’ll be staying at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel, which offers panoramic views of the cityscape from the heights of its luxurious rooms. Expect quiet elegance and lavish comforts, whilst being in a prime location for stepping out into the city. Why not stroll along King Faisal Street, the city’s famed shopping boulevard in the heart of the downtown area? A feast for the senses, its busy souks are full of bargain banter, the smell of spices and the sizzle of street food, making this a memorable place indeed.


For a final Amman experience that will stoke your culinary fires for a lifetime you’ll be treated to an exclusive cooking class to learn the ins and outs of Jordanian cuisine. With each dish made for sharing, dining here is a very sociable affair so expect heaps of hospitality and lots of lip-smacking treats.

Get stuck in to traditional dishes at breakfast, lunch or dinner classes, including favourites like Hummus and Muhamara, a hot pepper dip, Moutabal, a roasted, pureed potato or eggplant dish, and Kibbeh Maaliyeh, a minced meat dish. With the opportunity to add on either a fortune telling, a market visit to buy all the produce you need, or a guided village tour, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Jordanian culture.

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After a refreshing night’s sleep, you’ll be ready leave the sun baked city behind to journey further north, through a changing landscape of green and fertile country. Eventually, you’ll arrive at the ancient city of Jerash, considered by many to be the best preserved Roman City in the world. With an expert guide to lead you through its colonnaded streets, temples, theatres, public baths and plazas, you’ll be in the best possible company to discover the city’s secrets.


Today you’ll be catching a flight to Aqaba, Jordan’s sun drenched coastal city on the edge of the Red Sea, an ideal base for exploring the many natural wonders of southern Jordan, including the spectacular Wadi Rum. Also known as ‘the valley of the moon’, Wadi Rum is a breathtakingly vast valley of smooth, swooping monolithic rockscapes. Explore these ancient petroglyphs and the beautiful, natural rock formations on a one hour Jeep safari. Continue your Lawrence of Arabia fantasy by staying at a luxury Bedouin camp at the foot of Wadi Rum, where you’ll be perfectly placed to appreciate its quiet and mysterious majesty by night. Meals at the camp are prepared on open fires and eaten al-fresco under a canopy of stars. In the evenings, stretch out, sip some tea and take a puff of the Argilla by the wood fire and take it all in. After a good-nights rest you’re in charge of the tempo- take it easy or sweat it out with some desert activities such as jeep tours, hiking, or grab another camel for round two. Later, you’ll be bound for Wadi Musa, traveling two hours north across amazing desert landscapes with awesome views. Arriving at Wadi Musa, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in Petra by Night performance. Walk in silence through the candlelit Siq until reaching the Treasury, where you’ll be served tea whilst listening to the music and stories of the very people who inhabited the rocky landscape for years: a spellbinding experience.


Having glimpsed Petra by glowing candlelight, you’ll be returning the next morning for a more in-depth exploration, accompanied by a local guide. Inhabited since prehistoric times, this Nabataean caravan-city was once an important crossroads between Arabia, Egypt and Syria-Phoenicia. Petra is one of the world’s most mysterious ancient cities, whose engineering mastery, purpose and inhabitants have puzzled archaeologists and historians for years, and still holds many unlocked secrets. It’s most magnificent and iconic feature, the Kazneh, is sure to take your breath away.
Tonight, you’ll be checking into the Mövenpick Hotel, located just outside the main gates of Petra, whose 183 newly renovated rooms enjoy awe-inspiring views over the Great Rift Valley. The day is not yet over- next you’ll be travelling by Jeep to ‘Little Petra’, what is thought to have been an important suburb of Petra. On arrival you’ll be treated to a BBQ under the stars, the perfect place to recount your day’s adventures with fellow travellers.


Today, you’ll jet off to the Dead Sea where you’ll be staying in luxurious accommodation at the Kemplinski Hotel. This little oasis of bamboo palms, olive trees and green lagoons, waterfalls and private pools is a refreshing respite from the dry desert heat, and is conveniently located at the edge of the Dead Sea. The ancient castles of Shobak and Karak are to be found nearby and make for a fascinating a stopover if you fancy indulging in a little historical know-how. Your last day in Jordan is left free to make the most of Dead sea- which we can assure you will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced, offering a surreal floating experience in its hyper saline waters. Slather yourself in therapeutic mud, sunbathe and enjoy this natural phenomenon.

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