Explore the best of Bolivia from your Blink camp

Imagine exploring a part of the world that’s so untouched that few have trodden the same path before. Imagine exploring it in a way that’s totally unique without a single person having experienced it in the same way as you. Sound impossible? Think again.

With our award-winning travel service Blink we’re able to bring you the most personalised luxury experience imaginable; the chance to design your own temporary accommodation and experience in locations so private that no one else will have stayed there and never will again in the same way. With this in mind we’re hugely excited to invite you on a brand-new travel exclusive; Blink in Bolivia.  This rare, one-of-a-kind experience is only available for a limited time and for a limited number of people – as our camp truly won’t be constructed for long.

Our Blink experience takes you from La Paz onto the lunar landscapes of the Salar de Uyuni with plenty of adventure along the way.  For a limited time period, in only a select few locations, imagine waking up to watch the sunrise over the Salar de Uyuni desert from your private dome camp, in complete solitude – a story that so few will be able to tell. Blink, and you really will miss it – so get in touch to create your once-in-a-lifetime bespoke journey through Bolivia.

And if you’re keen to explore the rest of the great South American continent, then use Bolivia and our Blink camps as your launch pad. You’re in the perfect position to set off into Peru, Chile or Argentina. Our Travel Experts have recently been exploring these destinations and have incredible knowledge and expertise to create the most remarkable journey imaginable.

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City in the Sky

Sitting at 3,640metres, La Paz is the world’s highest capital city so steady yourself here for a few days and take in the city heights and sights while you’re at it. Based at the city’s hippest address, Atix Hotel, you’ll have a city full of trendy bars, gourmet restaurants and contemporary art at your fingertips. Latin America’s latest culinary hotbed, get your taste buds going with dinner that evening at Claus Meyer’s Gustu, pulling a seat up at the Chef’s Table and savouring innovative creations.

The next morning, you’ll join our expert guide, famous Bolivian photographer Gaston Ugalde, to discover the hidden secrets of La Paz. A city that will transport you back to a mysterious past, where each corner invites a new adventure; unearth pre-hispanic history, longheld traditions and magic rites performed right there on its streets. Your guide will take you into some of the most famous, iconic and historic areas of La Paz, seeing everything from the Indian Market, Witch Doctor’s Market and breath-taking panoramas are all framed by the majestic Illimani mountains. As a souvenir of your day, your guide Gaston Ugalde will create a portfolio of images from your explorations. Tomorrow, the adventure really begins.

Natural Wonder

From La Paz, it’s just a quick one-hour flight down to Uyuni, from where you need only jump in a jeep to experience wild and untamed landscapes. Cruise across the lunar-like salt flats marvelling at the splendid isolation of it all with seemingly nothing on the horizon for miles around. Until you come to your Blink camp. In keeping with the otherworldly landscapes of the Salar, your private Dome camp will appear as if from another world – until you step inside to discover all of today’s modern day luxuries. Sumptuous beds facing out at transparent panels, you’ll have to pinch yourself waking up to these views.

A breathtaking environment at your fingertips, spend a day exploring the Salar, marvelling at the scenery and, of course, playing with perspective on that perfect white canvas. For the adventure seekers, Tunupa Volcano awaits – whilst for those looking for a cultural hit? Your guide will take you into the village of Coquesa, a community that is home to both ancient mummies and modern mining; it provides fascinating insight into the daily life in this most unforgiving environment.

One last meal out beneath the stars and, just like that, your adventure has come to an end. To end on a high we can arrange for you to be picked up by a private light aircraft right outside your camp, to then soar over Andean peaks and volcanoes before landing in La Paz and continuing your onward journey – but where to? Home, or beyond? The choice is yours.

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