Chile, Bolivia & Peru: Cross-Continental South America

This truly grand adventure spans three countries across the South American continent. So, if a holiday that encompasses deserts, mountains and lakes is your kind of thing – then look no further. Taking in Chile, Bolivia and Peru, you’ll be able to ride horses across the desert, go star-gazing in the open wilderness and kayak across Lake Titicaca; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, literally. This is the chance to explore the remote, get out of your daily routine, and you travel into some of the world’s most isolated and beautiful locations. So what are you waiting for? Grab your passport, lace up your boots, let’s go.

Into the Desert

Flying into Santiago, you’ll transfer straight away to San Pedro de Atacama where you’ll spend the next few days visiting a few of the local sights, biking to the nearby salt lagoon, exploring the desert’s mysteries, embarking on a mountain bike ride to Laguna Cejar and taking a refreshing dip in the salt lake. We’ll start you off with a horse trek deep into the desert. Make your way through the eerie Valley of the Moon and Cordillera de la Sal before setting up camp for an incredible night with only the rocky desert around you. Horse-trek your way back to San Pedro in time for a sumptuous meal and a comfortable night’s sleep, ready to cross into Bolivia in the morning.

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Back in Time in Bolivia

As you drive through this stunning and remote country, you will cross the stunning Bolivian Altiplano, past villages that still live as they have done for hundreds of years, lakes and lagoons coloured green and deep red, and onwards to the beautiful Lago Colorado. The desolation, vastness and vividness of Bolivia’s southern Altiplano cannot be underestimated – but nor can the night skies with no light pollution for hundreds of miles. Continue past the base of the volcano Licancabur. After a brief dip in some welcoming thermal baths this morning, you will make your way across the unique landscape of the Altiplano via lakes, hot springs and geysers, flamingo colonies – and possibly the elusive and rare vicuna.

Landscape Dreamland

Next, you will cross to the Salar Uyuni, to sleep in a truly unique hotel made almost entirely from salt. From the salt flats, we’ll then fly you to La Paz, past the highest peak in Bolivia – Sajama – which stands at 7,000 metres. From La Paz, you’ll then head north into the Cordillera Real mountain range and the stunning Condoriri Valley, where you will start a thrilling and challenging three-day trek past the Tuni reservoir and into the amphitheatre of the valley. The thirteen distinct peaks, each reachable in a day from the same base camp, are a climber’s dream. Reaching the edge of the Chiar Khota Lake, we’ll set up your camp for a night’s sleep, at a heady 4,600m.

The Summit

To finish, your final trekking day will wind up the glacial moraine towards the breath-taking Austria pass at nearly 5,000m. From this vantage point, you can enjoy views of the entire Condoriri range, the mighty Huayna Potosi beyond it and the Juri Khota Valley in the other direction – no panoramic photo will ever do it justice. If you still have the strength, there is the option to continue to the summit of the Austria Peak, at 5,150m. This is a non-technical ascent on rock and sand but still gives you the claim to have conquered an Andean summit.

You’ll then wind down at the sky-high shores of Lake Titicaca – the largest body of water in South America and highest navigable lake in the World. Here you will spend days paddling from island to island on your own kayak. We thoroughly recommend stopping off at both the Isla del Sol and Taquile. From one mode of transport to another, your journey continues on the Andean Explorer down to Cusco through remote Peruvian lands and across the beautiful Altiplano, on towards the cloud forest and Cusco itself where your journey concludes.