Atix Hotel, La Paz

Translating as ‘the one who thrives’ in Quechua, Atix Hotel has burst onto La Paz’s cultural scene and is set to stay. A boutique hotel designed to inspire, indulge and enthuse, it has opened our eyes onto Bolivian culture in the most luxurious way imaginable. Set against a backdrop of jaw-dropping scenery and a foreground of some of the country’s best art, the 53 modern rooms and suites are a treat for the eyes, whilst downstairs, Ona Restaurant is sure to tantalise the taste buds and, up on the rooftop, +591 Bar simply makes the jaw drop with its combination of top-notch cocktails and panoramic views. Add to that a rooftop swimming pool and Atix not only thrives; it conquers.


Tucked away in the exclusive Zona Sur district of the Calacoto neighbourhood, Atix backs onto some of the city’s hottest restaurants, bars and shops. Just a 20-minute skip from downtown La Paz and a 40-minute drive from El Alto International Airport, the best of La Paz is easily within reach. So hop on the green line of the city’s iconic cable car and head on up to El Alto for an unbeatable view of the city and a whole new take on mapping your journey.

Your Room

Clad in native Bolivian wood and the Comanche stone that paved the city streets in the 1920s and 30s, the 53 rooms and suites at Atix remain authentically Bolivian – yet with all of today’s modern comforts. Boasting floor to ceiling windows overlooking the surrounding Andean Valley and calming blue design accents, light floods in to fill the room and cocoons you in the warmth of the sunlight. So, snuggle up beneath the super-soft alpaca blankets, handmade by local artisans, and simply enjoy the view as you relax in the luxury of this contemporary hotel.

Why we like it

Intended as more of a ‘live in’ art gallery than your ordinary hotel, Atix brings Bolivian culture to life with an extensive art collection that runs all the way through the corridors, up to the bedrooms and into the common spaces. Featuring works by renowned Bolivian artist, Gastón Ulgade, dubbed the ‘Andy Warhol of the Andes’, Atix is so much more than just a space to sleep. A cultural escape and a gastronomic discovery, a stay here connects you to Bolivia like nowhere else.