Sacromonte Landscape Hotel, Pueblo Edén

At the end of a winding road that leads through the Sierra de Carape, Sacromonte Landscape Hotels appears on the horizon like a mirage. Four glass-mirrored cabins, or shelters as they prefer to be known, reflect back the vine-clad hillsides that surround you. Sacromonte is not your conventional hotel, rather, it is a refuge. A gloriously contemporary refuge for the weary luxury traveller. Here, innovative design and undisturbed nature sit in perfect harmony with one another.


When Charles Darwin went in search of a different perspective on Uruguay, he found himself amid the hills and lakes of Pueblo Eden. Whilst Darwin did not encounter Sacromonte, we think it only serves to enhance the natural beauty of an area dubbed ‘the Alps or Uruguay’. Just under an hour from the well-heeled shores of Jose Ignacio, Sacromonte is the retreat that it promises to be with a location just close enough that you’ll never miss a moment but just far enough that you’re able to seek quiet refuge from it too. We’d be quite happy to do nothing but soak in the views during a stay here, but there are also copious hikes, walks and horseback trails to enjoy in the area, not to mention many an up and coming winery and olive oil producer.

Your Room

There are just four individual shelters at Sacromonte, giving you a sense of having this entire beguiling landscape to yourself. Each boasts a flawless contemporary design which could seem at odds with the natural surroundings, but the mirrored exteriors, in fact, prove these shelters to be perfectly at home. The four shelters each occupy individual corners of the 250-acre estate with one on the lake’s edge and another nestled amid the vines. Each features a private terrace and plunge pool, offering the perfect spot to enjoy the estate’s own wines. Sunrises are a speciality around here and with the all-glass interior, you’ll never need to leave the bed to catch one.

Why we like it

We like to think of Sacromonte not as a hotel in a vineyard but more as a vineyard with rooms. The result is that things are done a little differently here and we’re all for it. Dining is a particular highlight with fresh produce, picked straight from the organic gardens, served at an open-air hilltop communal table. This is accompanied by an assortment of meats cooked the traditional way, by asado. Then, as the sun sets, wine tastings comprising the vineyards own wines are conducted in direct view of the vines their grapes were harvested from.


Sacromonte Landscape Hotel not only looks good but does good too. The entire operation here is built upon a foundation of social and environmental sustainability with an end goal of running entirely on renewable energy. In the meantime, they make use of a wastewater treatment system, abide by eco-friendly agricultural practices on their farmland and construct everything using only eco-friendly materials.


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