Estancia Vik, Jose Ignacio

Embark on an exhilarating polo match with the professionals at this traditional colonial ranch, on a full sized private pitch that overlooks the serene Laguna Jose Ignacio. Afterwards take a dip in these cool waters, also a haven for spotting birdlife, before returning to that idyllic granite pool and a glass of Viña Vik’s finest Chilean wine. Welcome to Estancia Vik, your country retreat in the heart of Uruguay’s nature wonderland, blending the laid-back luxury of the Vik legacy with age-old tradition to create an unrivalled hotel experience.


Two hours from Montevideo International Airport and just six miles inland from Playa Vik, Estancia Vik couldn’t be more contrasting to its sister hotel, with 4000 acres of unspoiled scenery and wildlife. Here you can really take advantage of the wide open space to ride horses whilst spotting ostrich, armadillos and plenty of the pinkest flamingos along the way. Take a boat out to Isla de Lobos, a tranquil nature reserve that is home to the largest colony of sea lions in the western hemisphere. Take a steady 240 steps up to the balcony of the island’s lighthouse to enjoy a panoramic view of the island and beyond to Uruguay’s South-eastern coastline.

Your room

Estancia Vik’s 12 luxurious suites, including four Master Suites, boast quirky individuality, having each being designed by different South American artists. Despite their variation, not a single Suite compromises on comfort or beauty for you. We love the Musso Suite, adorned with colourful floor-to-ceiling murals and an elegant chaise-longue for you to recline on and write in your travel journal.

Why we like it

Each corner of this Vik masterpiece is uniquely designed to surprise and intrigue. For us, nothing beats the parillero, a corrugated iron structure that is covered in artsy graffiti and housing the colossal fire pit from where your mouth-watering chargrilled steak will arrive on your plate. Pick your own organic herbs and vegetables from the hotel’s sustainable garden to accompany your meat feast and sit back and enjoy the stunning Maldonado countryside that surrounds you. This is not just a stay, this is an experience. Savour the mouth-watering taste of a traditional Uruguayan barbecue outside on the 16-foot cinnamon wood table before retiring to bed. And here’s the best part – wake up at 11 knowing there’s still 11 hours of daylight left….

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