The Rider by Black Tomato


Your essentials. We’ve got them.

There are some things you can’t leave your home without. They’re your fundamentals, your essentials – the everyday things that make life that little bit easier, especially when you’re traveling as a family.

With The Rider, we’ll ensure that your fundamentals are never forgotten – whether you’re sightseeing in New York in camping in the middle of the Mongolian steppe.

Black Tomato - The Rider

Wherever in the world you go, we’ve got your back.

Since Black Tomato’s inception, we’ve always looked out for the things that you, our travelers, need the most during your trips. For families, this is a great way to ensure your family has the smoothest and most comfortable time while you’re on the road. Everyone is different, after all.

With The Rider, we’ve now formalised this approach. And we’ve done it by taking our cue from the entertainment industry. The ‘rider’ draws its name from the personal list of things that musicians and actors request for their green rooms and hotels – from chess boards to nut-free foods.

Your Rider will be your own, and it can contain almost anything you desire – be it a ‘thing’ (like a telescope) or a piece of information (such as knowledge of allergies and intolerances).

Some Examples

Nothing is too little. Nothing is too much.

Black Tomato - The Rider

For one client – an avid astronomer – we ensured that their private villa buyout included a high-quality reflector telescope, helping them to keep up with their hobby (and the stars).

Black Tomato - The Rider

For a pair of fitness-conscious clients, we ensured they had access to private gym equipment in every property they stayed in.

Black Tomato - The Rider

We always ask our families about their kid’s favorite snacks. Nutella, ketchup, JIF peanut butter, the works. We’ve provided them in every country from Mexico to Mongolia.

Black Tomato - The Rider

One traveler had a taste for a very particular brand of bourbon. We made sure there was always a bottle in their room, wherever they were staying.

Black Tomato - The Rider

We’ve been asked to provide baby gates for a (particularly adventurous) dog in the properties and lodges where our travelers were staying.

Black Tomato - The Rider

For a large group of travelers – each with their own allergies and intolerances – we ensured that their private chef was fully in the loop – preparing foods that were tailored to the needs of each traveler at every meal.

Black Tomato - The Rider

For a family whose child was prone to car sickness, we worked with our partners to find alternative options for transfers and collections. And, if it absolutely wasn’t possible, best-in-class motion sickness tablets were always on hand.

Black Tomato - The Rider

Meanwhile, another family asked that their transfer cars included iPads for their children while they made their way around Peru.

Small details that made the trip special

It was the small things that made the trip special. Carly asked about what car seats we required – we responded with what the kids use at home, but didn’t expect them to be in every transfer (even the 10-15 minutes ones), and the exact booster seat for our oldest! As parents this was extremely refreshing.


Better than we ever expected

“We had a truly fantastic time – better than we ever expected. We loved our guide who had a great ability to connect with our son and engage with us, he even remembered to pick up gluten-free snacks for the longer car journeys.”

Small touches made the trip even more personalised

“Small touches from Black Tomato made the trip even better and more personalized so couldn’t thank the team enough for a beautiful trip with memories to last a lifetime.”

As if by magic

“Sunil is hands down the most excellent sophisticated curator of experiences. Everything chronologically timed, everything on schedule as if by magic.”

We were able to truly let go

“Our trip to Sicily was one of the best experiences of my life and we would not have been able to plan it without Black Tomato. Because of Black Tomato’s outstanding service, we were able to truly let go, relax and enjoy.”

The best way to travel with family

“The best way to travel with family. They know it all, and you get to know the place like a local – and get to be treated like royalty.”

Grace Robertson, Black Tomato

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