Nour El Nil

Please note: we only offer Nour el Nil as part of a wider luxury, tailor-made Egypt experience, and not standalone bookings. We welcome your inquiry and look forward to discussing a trip to Egypt with you.

Away from the rush of the crowds and at our own pace; that’s how we like to see a destination. In Egypt, that means stepping out of the cities and the desert and onboard one of Nour El Nil’s four beautiful dahabiya boats. Propelled by gentle winds down The Nile, as it flows by full of myth and legend, this is Egypt at its most authentic. Traditional boats reimagined according to modern luxury and stylish design, relax out on the sun-drenched roof deck as you make your way from Luxor down to Aswan exploring hidden temples as you go.


Nour El Nil is built on the philosophy of slow travel. Setting sail from the rich history and intricate temples of Luxor, it’s a leisurely five-nights onboard as you follow the flow of The Nile south to the culture of Aswan. Each day unveils a new treasure, many of which few others will take the time to stop and see. Whether discovering sunken temples at Esna, taking tea at Gebel Silsileh or taking a dip in The Nile’s clear and clean waters, every day onboard unveils a different discovery. Embarking at Esna, an hour and a half’s drive south of Luxor, 250km of stylish travel lie ahead.

Your Room

Each of the four dahabiyas in the Nour El Nil fleet brings their own character and atmosphere but are united by their commitment to authenticity and their stylish design. Whitewashed walls and linens with splashes of bold color and Parisian elegance characterise your suite. Meanwhile, up on the roof terraces, it’s all about the never-ending views. Meroe is the jewel in Nour El Nil’s crown with its spacious cabins and all-encompassing luxury. However, whether you sail onboard Meroe, Malouka, El Nil or Assouan, all feature showpiece panoramic cabins. Floor to ceiling windows overlooking The Nile from the comfort of your king-size bed? It’s our favorite view to wake up to.

Why we like it

A few days with Nour El Nil and you really see the authentic side of Egypt. Stepping off to meet local people as they go about their daily lives, visiting sites off the tourist trail and walking through remote villages; this is the Egypt few others get to see. No more so than when it comes to the cuisine. Not just stopping at traditional Egyptian cuisine, Nour El Nil chefs buy ingredients fresh each day from farmers and fishermen along the river to make for some truly inspired meals.