Bhutan: Scenic Trekking to Gasa


March - June | September - October


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How long

16 nights ideal length

Traveled the world and looking for something that little bit different? Bhutan has the answer. Even if you’ve trekked into Tiger’s Nest before and spun the prayer wheels at Thimpu, this trip promises to shed further light on the mountainous country. A more adventurous take, set off on an epic two-week trek from Paro, heading north through the mountains towards the steamy springs of Gasa. Meeting local communities along the way, this promises you an authentic connection with Bhutan that you’ll never shake off.

Time Out at Tiger’s Nest

Even if you have seen it before, Tiger’s Nest – or Takstang Monastery – is forever unmissable and actually makes for the perfect warm up. Land into Paro and head straight up to Bhutan’s most treasured monastery, climbing through shaded pine forests where prayer flags flutter in the faint breeze to emerge out of the trees onto this magnificent site. Miraculously hanging onto a crumbling cliff face, this building was built in memory of an old legend: that of the taming of the tiger of Guru Rimpoches.

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Start Planning

Warm up complete, head down to COMO Uma Paro for some last minute pampering before your hike towards Gasa. Flanked by a fleet of helping hands to ease your journey, including your very own yak to carry your heavy baggage, you’ll be able to enjoy jaw-dropping mountain peaks, amazing wildlife and visit isolated villages without breaking too much of a sweat.

Follow the River to Mount Jhomolhari

Following the Paro River, the first leg of your journey sees you making your way to base camp at Mount Jhomolhari, Bhutan’s most sacred summit. Along the way pass several isolated villages where you’ll get a glimpse into raw rural Bhutanese life. As you proceed further north, the terrain of the trek will slowly change from the leaves of the forest line to beautiful barren valleys that eventually give way to the snow-capped Mount Jhomolhari. Stop for lunch in the valley with traveling yak herdsmen and listen to their stories and tales, giving you a final burst of inspiration to reach base camp.

Mystic Silence

After a well-deserved overnight rest at base camp, keep moving north towards Laya, stopping overnight at Lingshi, where a diversion up to the Lingshi Dzong is a must. Atop a ridge some 4,220 meters high, you’ll experience something rare in today’s bustling world: absolute silence. Returning back on track, pass through Shomuthan and Robluthans where you’ll camp above rocky meadows overlooking herds of takins and blue sheep which flock to the valley to escape the harsh winter months.

The Traditions of Laya

Arriving into Laya, you’ll be met by the warm embrace of the Laya people. Only accessible by foot, you’ll instantly feel how far removed Laya is from the rest of Bhutan. Famous for yak hair textiles and conical bamboo hats, these people exude a strong Tibetan and Mongolian culture. Such is their hospitality that one of their customs means you’re free to walk in and out of houses without invitation, but be prepared to be showered with cups of buttery tea and pints of locally brewed beer if you do.

Finally, your last day of trekking sees an easy downhill descent to Gasa. Winding through rolling hills and passing through pine and oak forests, you’ll reach the hot springs of Gasa, ready for a well deserved full body soak. A challenging but rewarding two weeks complete, where will you next adventure lead?

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