COMO Uma Paro

An understated coupling of escape and adventure, mixed with awe-inspiring landscapes and Buddhist tradition, provide the exceptional (and pretty much unrivalled) hotel experience that is COMO Uma Paro. It’s in their philosophy to immerse you deep into both Bhutanese culture and landscape, and in doing so, they craft for each guest a unique and spiritual adventure.


Resting just beneath the snow-tipped Himalayas and flanked by thick surrounding pine forest provides the beautiful backdrop enveloping COMO Uma Paro. An amazing ten-minute ride from the airport, this spot is the perfect gateway to mountain-bike rides, climbs to Tiger’s Nest, treks to the Tibetan border, slogging on the Yeti trail, or simply enjoying the fabulous spa.

Your room

There are twenty-nine rooms and nine villas at COMO Uma Paro. Each is fashioned by a traditional Bhutanese architect, although modernist architecture reigns. Zen-inspired interiors mean rooms are spacious and warm, and every room is complete with jaw-dropping views of the Himalayas. Luxury features include DVD players, heated towel racks, in-room yoga mats, and our personal favorite, ‘bukhari’ stoves. Each night, your stove is lit for you, filling the room with that heavenly scent of pinewood.

Why we like it

On arrival, your personal butler welcomes you with five simple words: “your time is our time” (pretty much Uma Paro’s motto) – and he means it. COMO Uma Paro offers round the clock care without taking away the remote or mystical ambience of Bhutan. True to their country’s belief in happiness, COMO Uma Paro’s staff will always greet you with a smile. If you need a further reason for happiness. well, the spa is quite something. A cavernous space, ideal for your aching feet after all that hiking, you’ll also find a personal yoga instructor and master masseuse. In fact, once you get here, you’ll have little reason to leave.