Oman: From the Mountains to the Sea

Explore this fascinating corner of the Middle East on our nine night luxury vacation around Oman, where we’ll show you the best places to take in the incredible scenery and experience it’s local customs and traditions. You’ll start off exploring the capital city of Muscat with its extensive networks of souks and markets, here we’ll show you the best places to pick up some local handicrafts away from the tourist trail. Then you’ll escape the city and head to the stunning Alila Jabal Akhdar, perched amdist of the peaks of the Al Hajar Mountain Range. Here you’ll find extensive hiking trails to get off the beaten track, or discover the UNESCO heritage site Bahla Fort and town of Nizwa. From the mountains we’ll send you into the remote expanse of the desert, where you’ll experience life with local Bedouins of the Wahiba Sands. After a few days in the desert you’ll be treated to the laid backluxury vibe of Zighy Bay on the Gulf of Oman, that’s after you paraglide in of course.


Begin your trip in Muscat with total immersion into the city’s bustling souks, learn of its vibrant history and get lost wandering through beautifully constructed, labyrinthine alleyways. We’ll take you to the fish market in Mutrah, definitely worth popping into and a visit to the nearby Mutrah souk (one of the oldest in Arabia) is essential for picking up amazing handicrafts whilst experiencing true Omani culture.

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From the city your trip will take on a high, as we whisk you off to the peaks of the Al Hajar Mountain range. For the next three Arabian nights you’ll hole up in the Alila Jabal Akhdar to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some spectacular panoramic views. Feast your eyes on the famed Oman damask roses as you wander through the rose terraces that decorate the mountainside around the resort. Discover the rugged landscape on foot as you trek through caves and canyons before heading back to your luxury sanctuary to relax those muscles with some traditional Asian therapies in the spa. For you culture lovers we’ll organize a trip to the UNESCO protected Bahla Fort, make sure to have your camera at the ready. For those looking to immerse themselves in the intriguing traditions of Oman then we can arrange local insights into the region cuisine with a cooking lesson, or visiting the local mountainside communities.


From the mountain tops you’ll be whisked down to Wahiba Sands where an enchanting, authentically Bedouin camp where the stars, candles and camp fires will be your only source of illumination during the crystal clear nights. If you can tear yourself away from your luxury camp and its stunning views we will take you to visit Wani Bani Khalid; a rich, fertile valley with tumbling waterfalls and fresh, natural pools; perfect for cooling off and topping up that tan. Spend time with a Bedouin family trying traditional Omani khawa (coffee) and dates whilst listening to their many stories of desert dwelling. For the adrenaline junkies among us, we’ve found the perfect dune and can’t recommend enough the high octane pursuit of sand boarding; it’s a great work out and a whole lot of fun (ask our guide for a few pointers).


From the endless rolling desert, it’s time to experience the best that Musandam, in the north, has to offer. Holed up in the exclusive Zighy Bay, get a taste of pure paradise as you while away the days relaxing on the beach, hiking through mountains or taking to the sea for scuba diving or dhow sailing. To feed the dare devil in you why not try checking in by paragliding into the hotel from the surrounding mountains, not your regular arrival we think you’ll agree.


For a final twist in your Arabian tale we will arrange a private dhow just for you. Set sail on an overnight cruise and prepare yourself for total pampering. If the endless mountain and ocean panoramas aren’t enough, the coast of Oman benefits from extensive multi- colored reefs dotted along its shores. Home to over 900 species of fish, you’re in for a treat whilst diving or snorkelling here. What’s more there are more than 26 local dive sites so the chances of getting bored are slim to none.

Back on board enjoy a champagne breakfast and watch the sun rise, bathing the mountains in a gentle hue before your very eyes. With your own butler aboard to provide you with everything you might need, a morning afloat on the Arabian Sea is the perfect way to end an all encompassing Omani adventure.

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