Rob Murray-John

Oman Travel Expert

The desert to the city offers a dramatic contrast in hotels. Each offers their own unique special atmosphere and experience, one that will make you fall in love with this historic destination.

Rob Murray-John

Oman Travel Expert

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Oman Highlights

An Arabian desert playground, discover Oman whilst zooming over sand dunes or gliding high in the sky spotting oases dotted about the landscape and discover that life blooms in the desert, with refinement and luxury waiting for you in Muscat.


Peer into the heart of the Arabian cultural with a hand-crafted tour of Oman, a country exuding a long-lasting legacy of tradition and culture. Untended wilderness greets luxury with open arms in the many peaks and valleys of this country’s diverse landscape. Wander the souks of Muscat with our on-site, private guide, and head to unchartered territory in Wadi Ghul, the Grand Canyon of the Middle East, all on a tailormade tour by yours truly.

Muscat culinary tour


Due to its position on the Gulf of Oman, the surrounding sea of Muscat is teeming with fresh fish to feast on; from grouper and tuna to crab and crayfish. With a local chef to guide the way, head to Muttra Fish Market to select your catch of the day, choose fresh vegetables from sellers in between and pick up some local spices from Muttra Souq before a masterclass in local cuisine at the Crafty Kitchen.


While others flock to Australia and the Maldives to experience renowned diving and coral reefs, we’re here to advocate for Oman. A complete contrast from the desert and mountainous landscape of the rest of the country, the Arabian Sea is on the rise for marine life tourism. Intriguing and virtually undiscovered, hidden treasures are yours to discover while unearthing all that’s magical about these inviting and exotic waters.

More Experiences

Wahiba Sands, Oman

Wahiba Sands

An ocean of sand dunes.

Given the name Wahiba Sands, guests know exactly what they’ll be expecting on a tour to this dramatic region of Oman. As if straight from the films, Wahiba Sands is miles upon miles of rolling sand dunes. Camels aren’t the only thing you’ll find here though – engaging local tribes and luxury Bedouin camps share the land harmoniously. Off the beaten path and full of wonder, your time here will be spent star-gazing, sandboarding, camel riding and marvelling at otherworldly landscapes. It’s time to step into Arabian Nights.

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Muscat in Oman


Modern yet traditional, Oman’s capital is a taste of true Arabia.

A port city located in the Gulf of Oman, Muscat is a hub of Islamic culture and history. Narrow streets lead way to colorful markets and spectacular mosques, while the waterfront provides vistas of the Western Al Hajar mountains that are sure to take your breath away. More so, the city of Muscat is making a name for itself in luxury travel, and The Chedi Resort is only the beginning of this flourishing capital being on everyone’s radar.

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Jebel Akhdar Mountains , Oman

Jebel Akhdar Mountains

Oman’s Grand Canyon.

A labyrinth of wadis and a place where roses, apricots and pomegranates flourish, Jebel Akhdar sits 150km from Muscat but feels like a different world entirely. Some 2,000 meters above sea level, in the midst of terraced orchards sits Alil Jabal Akhdar. A secluded hotel rustic suites handcrafted by local artisans and panoramic views over the gorge below, Alil Jabal Akhdar hotel truly is our hidden hideaway.

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Oman Highlights

An Arabian desert playground, discover Oman whilst zooming over sand dunes or gliding high in the sky spotting oases dotted about the landscape and discover that life blooms in the desert, with refinement and luxury waiting for you in Muscat.


In few countries can you stay in as luxurious as a tent as you can a palace, but Oman happens to be one of them. Shrouded in exclusivity and elegance, the country is dotted with unique accommodationss that exceed expectations and leave guests feeling they’ve tasted true Omani culture and hospitality. Choose from stunning suites that double as launching pads to the country's cultural hubs or retreat to a remote corner of the desert for a bespoke experience special to this extraordinary destination.


A resort that far exceeds our wildest dreams, the Six Senses Zighy Bay resonates with us in ways that other hotels simply do not. Wedged between dramatic rugged mountains and the soft white sands of the Musandam peninsula, this property goes further than just to restore body and spirit - which it does with incredible ease. At Zighy Bay, everything from movies on the beach to the natural stone villas reinvents the definition of luxury, and we find all the details, big and small, to be riveting and rejuvenating.


Hud Hud in Oman takes the concept of a road trip and combines it with luxury and spontaneity for an experience truly unique to this country. Designed so guests can curate their own itinerary, Hud Hud sets up one-of-a-kind camps throughout the country’s beaches, deserts, and mountains, depending on where the guest would like venture. Not only are the set-ups reminiscent of authentic Arabian campsites, but it allows guests the freedom to roam, move, and change direction and location at the drop of a hat.

  • Population Population 2,926,492
  • Capital Capital Muscat
  • Language Language Arabic, English, Balochi, Urdu
  • Currency Currency Omani Rial
  • Time Difference Time Difference GMT+4 | ET+9
  • Best time Best time

    Sep - Jun

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