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The power of nature goes a long way in Greenland. With its striking scenery, colorful neighborhoods and untouched aura, we’re putting Greenland at the top of our travel list this year. But we want to show you why you should too. So, with that in mind, we’ve curated the ultimate eight-day Greenland discovery. Every fjord, glacier and crevasse has been tested by our team to bring you a whole host of adventures perfect for absorbing all that the country has to offer. Whether it’s getting up close and personal with mighty whales, sailing into tight corners of dazzling fjords, or a scenic flight soaring over the UNESCO Isua Glacier and a husky safari to witness the 2,000-year-old way of transportation; you’re guaranteed to be embarking on an adventure quite unlike anything you’ve experienced before – all while staying at some of the country’s most stunning lodges.


A scenic flight from Copenhagen will land you in Nuuk, Greenland’s capital. A chic hub just south of the Arctic Circle, here you’ll find a city full of boutique restaurants, shops and galleries – as well as a heavy dose of Greenlandic culture. A private tour will take you through the history and culture of the city, with plenty of stops to photograph the colorful buildings of Nuutoqaq and sample Arctic delicacies.

The next morning, you’ll set sail for the magnificent Qooqqut Fjord. Grand in size and peaceful in spirit, Qooqqut provides the perfect introduction to Greenlandic scenery. After a day floating and fishing, you’ll be taken to a local restaurant in a deep mountain valley that sits below an enormous mountain where, if you were lucky enough to land a catch earlier, they’ll do the honours of preparing and serving it up for you. It doesn’t get much fresher than that. Spend the afternoon meandering along rivers, passing by traditional Greenlandic huts and learning about the history of this once upon a time sheep farming community.

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A flight out of Nuuk will then take you onto your next stop at Ilulissat. Incredible views of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will then greet you as you check into the most northerly hotel in the world – Hotel Arctic. Take in the stunning scenery before heading off on a guided tour of this city famous for its waters littered with countless icebergs and learn about what it’s like to live 300km North of the Arctic Circle, an experience very few people can say they’ve shared.

Greenland is home to 15 different whale species, so the next morning we’ll send you out on a fluke-filled morning through bays and fjords to get up-close and personal. Depending on the time of year, this region of Greenland is famous for humpback, minke, fin, blue, beluga and orca whales, so we’re confident you’ll get a glimpse of a fin and a breach or two. You’ll then trade boat for sleigh as you do as ancient Inuits do and carry on the journey by dogsled. Get to know your team with a quick kiss and a cuddle before a snack to keep them going. Your expert guides will tell you all about this ancient form of transportation and the rigours the dogs go through in their training. You’ll no doubt end today with a timeless perspective on Greenland.


Leaving the cosiness of Hotel Arctic will be made easier with a private scenic flight over Isua Glacier the next morning. This massive glacier is the largest producer of icebergs in the Northern hemisphere, but soaring up over it allows you to see its true scale and grandeur. Keep your eyes peeled though as it’s also extremely common to see large pods of whales passing by from this vantage point – so the impressive glaciers won’t the only thing to awe over. Post landing, a sail through Disko Bay will get you as close to the surrounding glaciers as possible, before docking at your next home, the renowned Ilimanaq Lodge. Settle into one of the luxurious cliffside cabins and simply breathe in all the Arctic wonder.

The following day, you’re invited to an intimate gathering at a local family home in Ilimanaq. This experience will give you a genuine glimpse into living a remote, Nordic life. Accompanied of course by traditional culinary specialities, spend time getting to know the friendly people that have lived their entires lives in Ilimanaq. Before you know it, your final day is dawning and will be spent taking in the sights and dramatic sounds of Eqi Glacier. Take in the sights of the charming coastal towns as you sail back to Ilulissat. A delicious lunch will be served onboard, giving you the opportunity to bid a proper farewell to the tranquillity of eight days in such a naturally beautiful location.

After an adventure of this magnitude, we’re certain that Greenland will secure a special place in your heart, just as it has with ours.

Where to rest your head

Ilimanaq Lodge, Disko Bay

Picture waking to the sight of crystalline icebergs, charming rustic fishing boats and a family of whales showcasing their impressive tails – all right outside…
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