Andalucia: enjoy exclusive sunset access to the Alhambra & La Mezquita




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How long

9 nights ideal length

At 9.12 pm on a balmy August evening, the sun over Granada fades into the Sierra Nevada mountains. In the hour leading up to that moment, however, the city is bathed in a syrupy golden light. It slows time. A perpetual moment. We take in from high up in the Torre de la Vela, the watchtower of the Alcazaba fortress. Around us, the nightingale sings its song. Beneath us lies the stillness of the Alhambra. We stroll slowly back through the Nasrid Palaces, through hidden courtyard gardens and filigreed arches, feeling a kinship with bygone Emirs in this palace we, for a brief moment in time, call our own.

Over the past eighteen months, our cities have lain dormant. Unloved and neglected. So there’s no better way to mark our glorious return than with this exclusive journey to Spanish Andalucia and its legendary provinces. Seville. Granada. Cordoba. And then, filled with culture, a moment to repair on the island of Ibiza.

But that’s not all. For this year only, we’re throwing open the doors of Granada’s fabled Alhambra Palace and Cordoba’s La Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral, where you will enjoy exclusive, private access – without queues or crowds. Just you, the stones, and the golden light of the setting sun.

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The experience: explore the Alhambra & Mezquita in privacy with after hours exclusive access

Where some city skylines are dominated by their skyscrapers and futuristic architecture, the Granada skyline is rooted further back in time. Nestled beneath snow-dusted mountains, the Alhambra Palace has an almost magnetic pull over those who visit the city. Let the others go. For yourself, wait until evening calls when we’ll organize for a private guide to meet you at your hotel and begin the languid walk uphill along the palace’s pearlescent walls. You’ll reach the Puerta de la Justicia just before closing time. Then, as everyone else leaves for the day, the doors will open only for you. Beyond, the Palace is all yours to discover with its intricate details set aglow by the setting sun. Stroll the Generalife gardens with its water stairway, navigate the ornate rooms of the Nasrid Palaces and gaze out from the ramparts of the Alcazaba. Just you and centuries of rich history.

In Cordoba too, is something exclusively for you. This time in the form of La Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral. Once more, you’ll wait until the crowds of the day have subsided before joining your private guide at the neighboring Fortress of the Christian Monarchs. Here, you’ll begin your walk through history as you trace the beautiful gardens of Ferdinand and Isabella into the Jewish Quarter before arriving at the gates of La Mezquita. Greeted by the curator, the doors will then be unlocked only for you as you make your way inside this ancient place of worship for both Christians and Muslims. Beneath its candy-striped arches, sacred walls reveal art and architecture from throughout the ages, each posing their own story. A story for your ears only.

What else will I do?

Whilst highlights will come in Granada and Cordoba, your trip starts on the orange-scented streets of Seville. Here, you’ll have two leisurely nights to acquaint yourself with the city – though, if you’d prefer, we’ll organize a private guide to show you the way. Our top tip? A relaxed amble along the Guadalquivir River, into the vibrant Santa Cruz neighborhood. Squeeze through its impossible narrow streets before emerging onto hidden squares, ornate palaces and traditional tapas bars. End the day with a local flamenco show (we have just the place) and you’ll feel well and truly settled into the Andalusian rhythm.

To end your trip, we’ll then whisk you across to the Balearic island of Ibiza for a few days’ relaxation. Whilst here, we’ll arrange for a day onboard a luxury yacht, sailing across to the unspoilt island of Formentera. The beaches here are virginal in nature, wild and untamed and perfect for a day’s exploration. But there’s also hillsides made for horseback rides and laidback beach clubs, ideal for passing an afternoon. Back onboard, your professional crew have everything you could need for a relaxed return to port beneath the setting sun.

Where will I stay?

Throughout your stay, you’ll stay in Spain’s most luxurious properties. In Seville, this means Hotel Mercer where period interiors contrast with a sleek rooftop pool and views overlooking the city. In Granada and Cordoba, your stays are full of a character befitting of the destinations with both Palacio de los Patos and Palacio del Bailio exuding their own sense of history. Intimate courtyards at both offer the perfect spot for a quick aperitif before heading out for evening exclusives.

Finally, you’ll finish your trip with three nights at the wellness-led 7Pines in Ibiza. Set overlooking the mystical Es Vedra, the magic of the island is immediately felt. Rest up by the infinity pool before heading out on one of the resort’s Pershing yachts.

Anything else?

This experience is yours and yours alone, so feel free to customize it however you wish. We’ve paired the culture of Andalucia with the tranquillity of Ibiza, but you may prefer the cobbled streets of Palma or to remain on the mainland and head north to vibrant Barcelona or culinary San Sebastian. Our travel experts have covered every inch of this country and are on hand to plot a route tailored entirely to you.

Where to rest your head

7Pines Ibiza

Watched over by the magic of Es Vedra and hugged by the natural beauty of Ibiza, 7Pines Ibiza offers laidback luxury in the most stylish…
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