11 reasons to book with us


We’re a fee-free zone

We do the legwork, but you only pay for your actual vacation. And you only start paying when you’re satisfied you have the itinerary of your dreams. (Our business model is based on the commissionable rates we receive from our wonderful suppliers all over the world.)

We're a fee-free zone

We only do bespoke

No two trips are the same. We’re only interested in yours, and we don’t mind how long it takes us to get it right for you, one hundred per cent.

We're a fee-free zone

We’re full of ideas

Oh yes. Off-piste requests and unique experiences are absolutely our specialty. Shoot us a challenge! Heli-fishing in Alaska, private camping on the Bolivian salt flats, honeymoons, families and even last-minute panics: we’ve got everything covered and plenty of tricks up our sleeves. (Hint: explore our website for inspiration, too.)


We’re calm and flexible

You want to change your hotel. Take a different flight. Extend your trip. Add a few more family members. It’s fine, honestly! No request is too big or too small – we’ll make it happen, anywhere in the world. (Or give you a better suggestion.)


We’re unbelievably well-connected

So once your itinerary has ticked any boxes you want to tick, forgive us if we lead you astray. Thanks to our little black book of contacts and some amazing local guides, we’re not afraid of putting a few extra suggestions in front of you. Because the reason you came to us is because you love an original, insider experience, right? You won’t regret it.


We’re discreet

Remote hotels. Private island escapes. Private flights. Exclusive access, undisturbed. You ask, we arrange. End of.


We’re responsible

We pride ourselves on delivering an insightful ‘local’ experience anywhere in the world – and therefore feel it’s our responsibility to leave a positive impact on any area we travel to. Through training, careful selection of suppliers and support of community projects, we are committed to working in a socially and environmentally-conscious way, and making a positive difference.


We have our own
brilliant app

The ultimate traveling companion. Documents, itineraries, maps, recommendations, checklists – everything about your unique trip safely uploaded into one place, and you don’t even need Wi-Fi to access it.


We’ve got your back

Not that you’re planning to be in touch while you’re away, but in case something crops up, we’re available 24/7 by phone, text, whatsapp, social media or email. Or you could send a message in a bottle and we’d respond to that.


Small print about
financial protection

We are members of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) and we have an Air Travel Organizer’s Licence (ATOL). This means that most trips we organize are fully financially protected in all aspects, should a supplier fail. Occasionally – thanks to our maddening originality – there are parts of a trip that are not. These will be explained in advance. Please have a look through our booking conditions for further information.

Small print about financial protection

We’re surprising

You’ll just have to wait and see.

We're surprising