The world of travel is changing. After all, the rise of Covid-19 reminded us all about the value of finding a real slice of privacy and the proper time to enjoy it. But as luxury travel operator, we’ve always been ‘about’ giving you the world – and a realm that truly feels like your own. 

With that in mind, we’re reintroducing all the ways in which we can secure ultraexclusive, superprivate time and space for your trips and experiences. Just you, and the people you want to share them with. 

You might be a family heading to Puglia on a balmy three-month rental with tutors in tow. You might be a honeymoon couple who want to hop around Africa by private plane. You might want to hold a sprawling friends-and-family birthday party across a pair of Ibizan villas. Or you might be a solo traveler who wants to sail the seas by yourself – isolated, remote, and thrillingly alone.  

So tell us where you want to go. We’ll carve out your own piece of the world – and the time you need to experience it. 

What does privacy mean to you?

Private Aviation

Whether you have your own jet, are looking to charter for the first time or find yourself anywhere in between, we’ll take care of the logistics.

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Private Yachts

Our pick of the world’s most exclusive private yachts charters – and the waters to go with them. Plus, a few other ways to see the world.

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Private Accommodations

Whether it’s a private villa for just the two of you or a hotel buyout for all your family and friends, these are the places to escape the world.


Private Staff

Tutors, personal trainers, private chefs and anything else you might need while you’re away – and nothing you don’t.


Private Workspaces

Relocate your office to some of the world’s most inspiring corners and discover a new whole perspective on work-life balance.


Don't just take our word for it...

Our Travel Experts have crafted enviable honeymoons for their clients, planned amazing anniversaries, and memorable birthdays - from first to fifty, and beyond. We’ve spent years growing side by side with many of our clients, so yes, the testimonials are biased. And that’s a good thing. After all, it shows how far we’ve traveled to craft the perfect experience.

A Private Flying Safari

For a couple short on time who wanted to see the best of Africa, we arranged an exclusive flying safari that took them from the Atlantic to Indian coasts over Sub-Saharan Africa’s varied landscapes. Bedding down in luxurious lodges with private airstrips by night, there was no-one else in sight, just animals as far as the eye could see. 

A Birthday at Aman Venice

For a husband who came to us two years in advance to plan a 50th birthday his wife would never forget, we organized exclusive use of Aman Venice for them and their friends and turned it into their own private palazzo on the Grand Canal. We then filled the weekend with unforgettable experiences with everything from a bespoke treasure hunt around the canals of Venice to a private classical concert in the hotel grounds. 

Private Yacht Charter in the Mergui Archipelago

For a family looking for a new perspective on luxury travel to celebrate a milestone birthday, we planned a trip sailing around the unexplored and pristine Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar. We even arranged a world-renowned drone photographer to capture it all. 

A Milestone Celebration in Puglia

We were asked to help organize a week-long 40th birthday party for 50 people and after looking at a few great options all over the world, the winner could only be Borgo Egnazia in Italy. Complete with a private fireworks display, group cooking lessons, exclusive winery tours and a boat trip to a secluded cove for a beach party like no other, this was a trip to remember. 

A Custom Hotel for New Year’s Eve

For a large group of family and friends looking to ring in the New Year in inimitable fashion, we constructed their very own private Blink cenote camp on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Here we then arranged a full festival, complete with luxury food stands, firework displays and live entertainment. 

Plotting a Route for a Personal Jet

When a father and son approached us with a small window in which to travel, we knew commercial timetables had to go out the window. Instead, we chartered them a private jet from a small airfield close to their home and flew them up to the North of Iceland where they spent an adrenaline-fuelled weekend at the stunning Deplar Farm. Eliminating connections and timetables meant they were able to enjoy the much-needed time away. We even stocked the jet with their favorite brand of caviar. 

A Workplace Shift to the African Bush

Seeking inspiration, a CEO came to us looking for somewhere where she could embrace a shift in working environment. We sent her straight to Kenya. Bedding down in a luxurious private home in Laikipia, she had everything she needed to work effectively whilst, making the most of the time difference she was still able to enjoy morning game drives with her family. 

A Sabbatical for all the Family

For a family looking to combine some time out of their careers with an opportunity to show their children more of the world, we arranged an immersive trip through Southeast Asia. Traveling by private jet, they took in some of the region’s most iconic sightsbalancing time with conservation groups in Angkor Wat with time spent learning about the culture alongside private tutors. 

A Private Villa for Christmas in Brazil

When a large family came to us looking for a way to spend quality time together in total privacy over Christmas, we knew a private villa was the only option. We scoured the world’s best villas and landed on Villa Matuete in beautiful Angra dos Reis. We then laid on top chefs, concierges and guides to make this a Christmas to remember.  



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