Corocora Camp, Los Llanos


This is an exceptional Colombian experience. Far off the beaten track, Corocora Camp sits remotely within vast wilderness and rich agricultural land. The private tented suites gaze out onto seemingly endless stretches of the unknown, offering space to reflect. Teeming with wildlife and over 700 species of bird, you’ll often spot wild horses grazing, capybara cooling off in muddy pools, caiman peering above the water’s edge and curious foxes emerging from the bushes. With plenty to discover, grab your saddle, practice your cattle call and prepare to unleash your inner llanero.


Southeast of the capital of Bogotá, mountainous landscapes give way to Los Llanos Orientales, a large region consisting of ‘hatos’ and expansive flood plains. Stretching across almost one-quarter of the country, the llaneros have been masters of this land for generations. The camp is a couple of hours drive from Yopal domestic airport, or a short scenic helicopter flight directly into a vast 9,000-hectare reserve. We can arrange either.


This is about simple, elegant glamping in a private tented suite separated from the rest of the camp. The open-air designs allow maximum access to spotting the surrounding wildlife. Return after a day of riding to a hot shower in your pristine ensuite before cozying up in your plush bedding for a good night’s rest. The main social tent sits peacefully along the lake, hosting a charming collection of wildlife books and binoculars, idyllic for lounging on the sofas and hammocks and watching the local creatures pass by.


Corocora Camp creates a unique opportunity to experience the traditional llanero way of life. Along with Secco, an award-winning llanero, you’ll roam around the plains in search of anteaters, anaconda and pumas. Trek through the water on horseback, learn to herd cattle and hear the stories of this region during nature trails. Return from your adventures as the sun transforms into vibrant swirls of pink and orange over the horizon, then experience powerful storytelling through campfire folk performances as the Milky Way fills the night sky.


Dedicated to the conservation of the land and its native wildlife, Corocora Camp protects a variety of animal species, including six which are endangered. Guests can assist in setting up camera traps to monitor the jaguar, puma, ocelot and others that pass through the region. The camp works alongside Panthera, an NGO that develops gateways and natural corridors across the Americas, helping predators to move safely across habitats. Speak to our Travel Experts to see how you could get involved during your visit.