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Few places can connect people in the way that Charleston in South Carolina does. This is a place where the thread of history lies unbroken. From the first frontier footstep to the first shots fired of the Civil War, stories here are written in the sand of its beaches, in the walls of the grand mansions and churches. It’s a story cherished and passed down for generations by the people that live here. But there are also stories still being written; Charleston’s award-winning culinary credentials are becoming legend, and a young crowd are crafting new chapters in its creative narrative.

These are stories that deserve to be told, so we thought it was time to share with you some of the shining lights of this Southern gem. Watch the videos below and hear the stories of four truly inspiring Charlestonians, locals-turned-legends in this ever-evolving tale, and hear how Charleston charmed our competition winners. And if you feel the urge to start your own story, take a trip with our brand new Charleston itinerary.

Charleston is a place where great stories are made, so go ahead and turn the page…

The Videos

From Charleston's upcoming culinary stars and designers-to-watch, to the people dedicated to preserving its wild places and richly storied past; let Charleston's four Local Legends show you this city where great stories are made.

Mini Charleston Story

Charleston: Mini's Story

Femi Charleston Story

Charleston: Femi's Story

Chris Charleston Story

Charleston: Chris' Story

Linn Charleston Story

Charleston: Linn's Story

The Competition Winners

Find out what happened when our friends at AFAR magazine sent competition winners jetting off for three nights in Charleston with our video team to explore the city and start their own Charleston chapter.

Charleston Summer's Story

Charleston: Summer's Story

Charleston Stacey's Story

Charleston: Stacey's Story

Start your story

Feeling inspired by our Charleston locals? Get ready to start your own Charleston story with our itinerary that takes you on horse-drawn carriages and sunset heli rides, through ornate colonial mansions and wild waterways, with all the essential gastronomic stops along the way.

Charleston: take the trip

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