A healthier way to travel

When Black Tomato began, we had one simple goal; to understand our clients as well as their closest friends and family. As we learnt what it meant to truly understand the inner workings of a traveler, we soon realized that it was essential to look beyond their travel plans and delve deeper into the finer details of their lives.

With that in mind, we’ve recently been looking into the importance of health and wellness before, during and after travel. We know the difference between being well traveled and traveling well. After all, anyone with the budget can be well traveled, but it takes more to Travel Well, to truly discover a country rather than simply scratching at the surface.

Win your chance to Travel Well

We’ve partnered with Refinery29 to offer you the chance to win a luxury vacation to either Bali or Bhutan or Miami including round trips for two, accommodation at a selection of the distinctive and iconic COMO Hotels, £350 online spend at ADAY, a 30 day unlimited membership at Core Collective and a three day juice cleanse of your choice from Press-London. To win this ultimate travel and wellness package simply enter your details below…good luck.


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