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In a world constantly more online, in tune, and plugged in – focused on making content, making results, making goals – we often forget the most important thing to make: time. As the holiday season threatens to rush by in a whirlwind leaving a trail of wine-soaked chaos behind it; pledge to yourself to prioritize making time: time to travel, time to unwind, time to spend with a loved one. Reset, recharge and revitalize by making time to adventure, make time to take care of yourself, to embrace style, to find your passions and follow them.

This competition has now closed. Please keep an eye out for competitions we’ll be running later in the year.


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Our competition winner will travel in style to Cambodia with a Maiyet 'Sia' tote, where they will luxuriate in the exquisite tropical reef, dine on extraordinary local cuisine and soak in the beauty of this rich cultural landscape for 7 days and nights. And to ease the pain of returning home, the winner will enjoy 5 days of breakfast, lunch and dinner deliveries from Sakara Life. Join us and discover more about Sakara & Maiyet...

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