Magellan Explorer

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that extreme environments don’t necessarily preclude extreme luxury. Sailing into Antarctic waters, nowhere has taught us that better than the Magellan Explorer. Borne out of the expertise of multiple polar expedition experts – but furnished by renowned interior designers – this custom-built ship is easily the most luxurious vantage point on the frozen continent. The 35 cabins will welcome just 73 budding explorers at any one time, with a host of RIB boats, kayaks and snowshoes also on hand to take you closer to the action.


Magellan Explorer offers a whole new, unique way of seeing Antarctica. Arriving at Punta Arenas, the capital of Chile’s southernmost region of Patagonia, you’ll skip the tempestuous sail across the Drake Passage, instead flying down by private charter to King George Island in the South Shetlands from where you’ll board the Magellan Explorer. Spend anywhere from five to 15 days navigating Antarctica, perhaps even choosing to venture as far as the Polar circle or up to the South Georgia Islands. Each day, you’ll head ashore with expert guides to get a glimpse of this incredible environment and the wildlife that call it home.

Your Room

The cabins onboard Magellan Explorer may well have been designed to remain functional in Antarctic waters – but at no point did that mean compromising on luxury. Set against a color palette of cool whites and ice blues, they are sleek and modern with absolutely no hint of ‘roughing it’. All but the three porthole cabins feature balconies from which to watch the icebergs float on by, with many also featuring spacious lounge areas and Grand Suites even going so far as to boast not one but two ensuite bathrooms. Topped off with king-size beds in the majority of cabins and one thing is for certain; you’ll sleep well here.

Why we like it

It’s no secret that Antarctica is a fragile environment and that, as much as we want to see it, we need to protect it in doing so. Recognising this, Magellan Explorer does what it can to minimize its impact by installing ingenious systems so that any excess heat produced by running the engines, is then used to heat your room and your shower. Combine that with nightly presentations from expert researchers that seek to both entertain and educate, and we’ll be sailing these waters for many years to come.

Other Hotels in Antarctica

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