Argentina: Experience a Solar Eclipse from a Luxury Private Camp

“On December 14th, 2020, at 1:07 in the afternoon, the world will be plunged into ethereal and temporary darkness. As the Moon makes its transit between the Earth and the Sun, those who glance (safely, with their eyes protected) into the false sky will — for 2 minutes and 10 seconds — experience one of the natural world’s rarest and most spectacular encounters.”

Join us in experiencing it.

An occurrence as unique as this, deserves to be marked. With that in mind, and in the company of our team of local Patagonian experts, we’ve rolled out the map, picked out the perfect spot and planned a route. Following the path of the eclipse, we’re setting up camp (literally) and bringing some of the best guides, astronomers and chefs in the country with us. This is no ordinary camping trip though, with luxurious setups complete with woodburning hot tubs. Your camp is completely customisable, meaning your experience is too. Spend two nights slumbering beneath astronomy in motion, but on either side of that there’s time to explore further with a night at the Rojo Tango in Buenos Aires, a mate tasting on the shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake and a further starlit experience on the remote Isla Victoria. The perfect trip to mark the end of 2020, bring friends, bring family – or simply come as you are. This is one for the ages.

(An example of what our luxury camp in San Martín de los Andes will look and feel like)


  • Spend two nights in a luxury Black Tomato Blink camp, designed exclusively for you, for the eclipse. Our camps come fully equipped with four-poster beds with high-quality bedding, luxury bathroom facilities, private chefs and expert guides – as well as spa therapists, bartenders and white water rafting instructors if you so wish.
  • Access to an expert astronomical guide on eclipse day who will walk you through the science behind this natural phenomena from your own private viewing spot. They’ll also provide all necessary eclipse viewing equipment, such as glasses and telescopes.
  • Experience a traditional Argentinian asado from your luxury camp, beneath a star-blanketed sky and complete with local music and entertainment, on the evening before the eclipse.
  • Pre and post eclipse, we are able to curate a custom set of experiences throughout Argentina – such as a night in a luxury wilderness camp on the remote Isla Victoria or an evening behind the scenes of one of Buenos Aires’s top speakeasy bars. It doesn’t have to be over just because the sun’s come out.

Make this itinerary yours

Like what you see? Contact us today to find out more about our exclusive itineraries. But remember: each and every Black Tomato trip is tailored exactly to who you are and what you want to do so tell us about yourself and we’ll create something that’s entirely you.

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Your Blink Camp Options

Our eclipse camps take their cue from the expertise of our award-winning Blink service to create truly one-off experiences. Intended as the ultimate luxury camping retreat and as a representation of the pinnacle in customisation, Blink gives you the chance to design your own temporary accommodation and experience in locations so private and untouched that no one else will have stayed there before and never will again in the same way. Representing its truly bespoke nature, we’ve included two different ways in which Blink can bring the solar eclipse to life for you – but there are countless other possibilities.


Option One: The Camp at Tres Rios

Tres Rios is a luxurious retreat located in San Martín de los Andes, a small city in the province of Neuquen, Argentina, at the very foot of the Andes. Rolling, pine-bristled forests rise over bumpy, post-glacial hills and plunge into calming electric-blue lakes. This is a remote and dramatic part of the world; perfect for a one-of-a-kind campsite and an easy choice for the first of our eclipse camps.

Solar Eclipse Luxury Private Camp Argentina

Our Tres Rios camp will only ever be home to 10 luxurious Bell tents, or 20 eclipse enthusiasts, guaranteeing you an exclusive experience few others will share. Within each of these tents, you’ll find plush four-poster beds and exclusive amenities. You’ll also have a dedicated chef – and enough food, wine and supplies to last well beyond the eclipse.

It is from here that you can survey the snow-capped 12,000ft peak of stately Lanin Volcano, go fishing in local rivers, and traverse these indescribably beautiful landscapes by horse, before you head further into the surreal and breathtaking terrains of Patagonia to experience the eclipse itself. A two-hour 4×4 drive through poplar forest will take you across two rivers, one of which will see you hand-winched across on a single car ferry, to a private set-up for you and your campmates at the epicenter of the eclipse, the appropriately dramatically named ‘Piedra del Aguila’, or ‘Stone of the Eagle’. Here, you’ll find Lucas — a local and an expert on the Patagonian wilderness —and all the chairs, viewing glasses, telescopes and comforts needed to enjoy the experience. 

Prices for the Tres Rios eclipse experience start from $16,000pp

Option Two: The Private Camp

Your private camp is yours and yours alone and what that means, first and foremost, is that you chose the address. But might we suggest the eclipse line itself? Here, in the middle of the rugged Patagonian Steppe, and at the very best vantage spot, we’ll set up an exclusive camp just for your small group to experience the phenomenon. This is a place of craggy bluffs and otherworldly terrain; a territory of mesas and mountains, fringed by lakes and otherworldly formations of stone. It is a memorable place; dusty, bright and brilliant, with a distinctive stony ‘summit’ from which to settle in for the eclipse proper. 

A representation of your private camp – setting may vary

It is here that we’ll swap Bell tents for our signature Domes, with their panoramic curved windows providing the perfect stargazing view. We’ll also fly in the best chefs, straight from Buenos Aires, and a bartender too – if you like. In this remote corner of Patagonia, you’ll enjoy all the luxury and service of the best hotels, with none of the fixed walls or other guests. Come alone, come with your children, your parents, your friends. We’ll design your camp around you.

From your private camp, it will be just a hop, skip and a jump to the eclipse viewing site. This too, you’ll have all to yourself. Special Eclipse viewing glasses and the use of a telescope will, of course, be laid on, but there will also be spa treatments and yoga mats available, with top quality food and wines to ease you into the event itself. All this, plus a personal expert astronomer who will walk and talk you through the Eclipse event itself.

Prices for a private eclipse experience start from $20,000pp

The Eclipse

Hosted at your bespoke lodgings, wherever they may be, a traditional Argentinian asado by night closes your first day, or eclipse eve if you will. Crackling fires, traditional food, soft blankets, uncorked wine – and the countdown to the eclipse itself; unfettered by light pollution, un-obscured; and seen in its most dramatic maximum. 

Tomorrow, you’ll make the journey to your private eclipse viewing camp in Piedra del Aguila. Settle in with your morning coffee as the clock ticks down to 11:45am, the moment when the moon will begin to eclipse the sun. At 1:07pm the full eclipse, or Crown effect, will take center-stage for two minutes. Two minutes where the earth seemingly stands still for the small handful of people privy to this feat of astronomy. After that, the sun will slowly start to creep from behind the moon until 2:35pm when the skies return to normal.

Solar Eclipse Luxury Private Camp Argentina

What you’ll do

Whilst you may have come for the eclipse, this trip doesn’t end the moment the sun reappears. To complement your time in San Martín de los Andes, we’ll arrange for two-nights prior in Buenos Aires and two-nights post in lake-dappled Bariloche. In Buenos Aires, we’ll whisk you off to the best tango in town, Rojo Tango, before taking you behind the velvet curtain on a speakeasy cocktail experience. We’re also on hand with reservations at our favorite Bodegon – a closely guarded secret that we spent years tracking down. On the other side, we take things back to nature as we guide you down Andean hiking trails, introduce you to the ritual of mate and send you kayaking across the crystalline waters of Nahuel Huapi Lake in Bariloche. 

Where you’ll stay

In Buenos Aires, you’ll have your pick of our favorite properties. Whether that’s the family-friendly Four Seasons or the art-fuelled Faena, there is a property for each personality here. Long-held relationships also mean we’re able to treat you to added extras you wouldn’t find otherwise. Down in Bariloche, you’ll split your time between the elegance of Villa Beluno, perched on a hillside overlooking Nahuel Huapi and a private wilderness camp set up just for you on the unspoilt Isla Victoria. Much like your eclipse camp, this too will see all the luxury trimmings with private chefs and guides both on hand. Set up beneath the stars, it’s the perfect spot for one final immersion in the nature and raw beauty of Patagonia.

“This – and I find myself feeling jealous already – is going to be absolutely unforgettable.” – Rob Murray-John, Argentina expert

Anything else?

This experience is yours and yours alone, so feel free to customize it however you wish. The only constant is 1:07pm on 14th December 2020. If you want more time (or less) in Buenos Aires, that’s fine. If you’ve always dreamed of visiting Perito Moreno Glacier in Southern Patagonia, that’s fine too. Might we also suggest a combination? Chile and Uruguay come to mind.  Our travel experts have done it all and will work with you to create whatever trip you have in mind.