Kachi Lodge, Salar de Uyuni

It is all very well staying in the best five-star hotels and taking day trips to visit natural wonders but haven’t you wished during those early morning starts that the hotel had been built a little bit closer? Kachi Lodge is the answer to this and then some. A smattering of luxury dome tents set ON the Bolivian salt flat, Salar de Uyuni, the lodge is a glimpse of the future from the most timeless of setting with everything you could need for a lavish trip, right down to gourmet dining courtesy of award-winning La Paz restaurant, Gustu. Doubling as a star-strewn observatory by night, it is tailor-made travel to the extreme and you will have quite literally never experienced anything like it.


The beauty of the Dome Camp is in its remote location, somewhere in the mystical Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. The closest town is Uyuni, which can be reached from the city of La Paz by a quick one hour flight. The salt flat itself is the most breath-taking destination in South America, with lakes every color of the rainbow, an abandoned town brooding beneath an ominous volcano and even a train graveyard. Alpacas, llamas and flamingos are the only neighbors you’ll see for miles, making this astonishing place a destination unlike any other.

Your room

The rooms take the shape of large white tented dome suites, decorated with wooden design pieces which celebrate the indigenous influences in Bolivia. The structures have been designed to suit the high altitude and cold climate of the salt flat perfectly with interior heating and incredibly comfortable beds to keep you toasty warm as you sleep under the stars. The private bathrooms use solar panels to recycle their water, keeping it hot as well as environmentally friendly. But the highlight above and beyond anything else has to be the unique and completely undisturbed views of a sunrise over the vast expanse of the Salar that you wake up to every morning. Something nowhere else can give you.

Why we like it

Not only is Kachi Lodge a stunning feat of design that is both completely practical for its environment and totally luxurious but it is, more importantly, something truly unique. A modern pod that complements and contributes to its already surreal surroundings, there is honestly no better or more private way to see Bolivia’s salt flat. This nomad luxury living is the way of the future and Kachi Lodge is allowing you to experience it first.