Lapostolle Residence

The Lapostolle Residence can be found right in the center of Chile’s Colchagua Valley, famous for the production of world-class wines. Never straying from it’s vintner roots, the interior design and color schemes of each of the four rooms are based uniquely on a wine from the vineyard. The excellent, fine-dining dishes are specifically matched to a wine, to make the most of the complimentary flavors. Everything here revolves around wine, which is bound to get the Black Tomato approval.


The Colchagua Valley is famous for some of Chile’s best red wines, including Cabernet, Carménère, Syrah and Malbec. As the Lapostolle Residence is situated in the center of the valley, it makes it a great base-camp for exploring the wines of the region. Peeking through the trees on the hillside, the four bungalows have views across the valley for as far as the eye can see. Lapostolle is less than an hour’s drive away from local train station San Fernando, or 190km from Santiago International Airport.

Your Room

Each of the four rooms at Lapostolle is named and designed after a wine produced by the vineyard. All rooms are large and luxuriously furnished, and have their own private terrace and serene gardens, growing native plants that were the inspiration for one of the wine’s labels. Personal service is of paramount importance to the Lapostolle staff, and they will make sure you have everything you need to sample your way around one of the most famous wine regions in the world.

Why we like it

Our favorite feature of Lapostolle is the location: unparalleled views across the vineyard and the valley that encases it. After visiting Lapostolle Residence, wine becomes an experience rather than just a drink, and the best way to indulge in the vino-culture is to embark on some wine related activities: we recommend touring the vast vines on mountain bikes, or on horseback as the “Huaso” (Chilean cowboys) do.

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