Tierra Patagonia

Situated on a bluff between where South American pampa and Lake Sarmiento meet Tierra Patagonia is the model retreat for you to rest and recuperate in one of their 40 extravagant eco-rooms after a long day navigating this enchanting region of Chile. We have no doubt that Tierra Patagonia will provide you with a plethora of exclusive memories that no other hotel can offer. With its expansive views of Torres Del Paine and award-winning architecture, Tierra Patagonia Hotel is the definition of 5-star luxury that has been embedded into the natural environment.


Located on the eastern edge of the Torres Del Paine national park and only one hour away from Puerto Natales this eco-lodge has a unique wow-factor with spectacular views of the Paine Massif. The hotel is immersed in the landscape and emerges out of the hillside complementing the beautiful flow of geology in this privileged location.

Your Room

Tierra Patagonia Hotel gives you the opportunity to wake up to stunning views of the sun rising over the Torres Del Paine, whilst luxuriating in one of their mesmerizing double beds. Designed by three of Chile’s top architects, the furniture is handmade by Chilean craftspeople using natural materials from the surrounding region creating a relaxing and lavish ambience to the hotel. To add to the magnificence of this environmentally friendly haven, the bathtub is located next to the window overlooking the Paine Massif.

Why we like it?

With overwhelming views, intense weather and magnificent flora and fauna Patagonia really does tick every box when you are in search of an adventure packed experience but after a long day of exploration, there is something truly delightful about curling up on one of the sofas, ditching the book and just gazing out of the window at one of the most awe-inspiring places on the globe.