Channel the spirit of the Carnival

Colombia is the proud guardian of some of the liveliest and atmospheric celebrations in the world. Carnival De Barranquilla is no exception. A riot of color, music and dancing; we’re hoping to get you in the mood for the weekend with this little festival guide.

Famed as one of the largest carnivals in the world, Carnival De Barranquilla comes a close second to Rio Carnival. Yes, it’s that big. Dating back to the 19th Century, each February the city of Barranquilla comes alive with street performers and costumes of every color; sequins, feathers and tassels are sure to be in abundance. The main event of the festival is the Batalla de las Flores, a parade led by the carnival queen herself. Think towering floats studded with flowers and pulsating beats filling the streets. With live traditional rhythms of cumbia, salsa and bambuco, you’ll find it hard to resist the urge to join the dancing locals.

As the weeklong festival comes to a close, the final event is no less extravagant. The Grand Parade marks the celebration of Joselito Carnaval (the spirit of Carnival) as we say farewell to this annual excitement. Another procession in honour of this spirit that mourns (light-heartedly) the end of this vibrant occasion; it’s the perfect excuse for another spectacular show.

This weekend, why not take a leaf out of Colombia’s book and add a little carnival-esque rhythm and color to each day.