A Colombian Cocktail Recipe

The weekend is finally upon us, and whilst we’d much rather be sipping on a cocktail in the sun at Colombia’s Café del Mar, we’ve got to make the most of what we’ve got, which just so happens to be a recipe for some Latin American flair.

Just in time for those Friday or Saturday night drinks, this Colombian beverage will ease you into the weekend and transport those taste buds to the glistening shores of Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Named the Refajo Cocktail, this is Colombia’s signature tipple. Incorporating Colombiana, the country’s own fruity soda, beer and spirits, it’s light, summery and fruity. There’s no better way to kick off the weekend.


1 Litre of Colombiana

2 Litres of beer (prefereably Colombian, of course)

A generous splash of Aguardiente

4 cups of ice

How to make it

Like all nations, Colombia has its own soda, which is the base of this wonderful concoction. Begin by mixing 1 part sweet and fruity ‘Colombiana’ soda with 2 parts cold beer. Some tend to mix just these two ingredients for a summery shandy, but if you want to party like a true Latino, add a splash of Aguardiente for an extra kick. Known as the local fire water, add this and you’ve got your authentic Colombian cocktail. If you don’t have time to source some Aguardiente, any spirit will do. Throw in some ice to keep it cool and you’ve got yourself a little cup of Colombia to see you through the weekend.